The Daily HaiTaku: Remember This Edition

Well, well, well Cav finally had his day in the sun. No-one guessed his haiku yesterday, so now we must move into 'Remember This' territory and post an obscure screenshot of the game! (This is my favourite part!)

But first, here's yesterday's HaiTaku again...

Should be black and white Plenty of colours set path Two dumb guys to blame

Alright, good luck everyone!

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    That's dogs life for the PS2.

    Black and White?

    Dog's Life

      I guessed that 20 minutes ago but my comment is awaiting moderation :(

      Last edited 05/11/13 12:37 pm

        Yeah, well mine went up first, so I'm the winner! Sorry :P

          Did you ever play it? I only played the demo and was just wondering if the game was actually any good.

            Nah, I remember seeing previews and thinking it looked pretty cool. But the reviews were kind of lukewarm and there was other stuff to play so never got around to it.

    guys guys guys. youre all wrong.

    Its Biker Mice from Mars... duh...

      Set in Chicago
      These friends fight crime and aliens
      shame It was short lived

    What the heck is Dog's Life??? Never heard of it before...

      New one to me. I would have said it was Rise of the Triad if it'd just been Braaaains' screenshot.

      Last edited 05/11/13 2:29 pm

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