Rayman Legends Comes To Non-Nintendo Next-Gen In February

Rayman Legends Comes To Non-Nintendo Next-Gen In February

The fantastic Rayman Legends comes to non-Nintendo next-gen in February. During Ubisoft’s fiscal year 2013-2014 conference call, CEO and chairman Yves Guillemot revealed that the second game in the limbless wonder’s console rebirth will hit next-generation consoles in February 2014. Can it possibly get any prettier?


  • Well I was going to day 1 the Wii U version but that delay changed my mind. If the PS4 can support the Vita as a control scheme the same as the Wii U gamepad I might just pick it up on that instead.

        • You retain control of whoever you’re playing, Murfy is controlled via a button press (he just flies to things automatically). Makes it easier to backtrack, which was my main issue with how he controlled normally. Opinion is at least vaguely split between which is preferred.

          • Ahh, that would work. I was thinking you would move him via one of the sticks which would have been horrible.

            Good work around I suppose. I do love the crazy Murfy challenge levels where you are going crazy on the touch screen!

          • Yeah, I loved the Murfy challenge levels, but I hated the normal ones. I can only assume that I’m a little mad.

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