The Inevitable Black Friday Supercut Is Nutso

This Friday is Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year in the US. Things are bound to get crazy, as demonstrated by this video.

Above is a supercut of the Black Friday shopping chaos. The footage is like something out of a zombie movie. If you end up heading out, be careful out there!

Black Friday Shopping Chaos [[email protected] via Laughing Squid]


    How the fuck can saving a few bucks justify the mass of animal like behavior. This is pathetic. Why even allow such madness to happen every year?

      Because it makes them lots of money, do you honestly think that the suits of these companies care about the people being trampled and the fights?

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      I think that for many of these people, at least the early-morning front-runners, it's more of a game or contest than trying to save money.
      Running around in a mob and shoving people is probably the most exciting thing they'll do all year, and if you make enough of a fuss you get on local television!

      I wouldn't necessarily call this animal-like behaviour. Animals aren't as insanely rabid as this.

    Americans deserve absolutely every terrible stereotype they have. I'm not writing off them all, there are some lovely people out there, but as a whole? I can see why almost every country despises them. Knocking over a pregnant woman to buy what, a slow cooker? They didn't even know what they were pulling out of that cart BUT THEY HAD TO HAVE IT. It looks like they were rioting and looting, and I'm sure it wouldn't take much to push them to that extreme. Absolutely disgusting

      I completely agree with you on that. It is quite disgusting, kicking and screaming grabbing whatever they can get salvage from those carts. I'm glad when shops here are having massive discounts that the people aren't as light headed, stereotypical fools.

        That's because you will never see black Friday discounts here. You will see "so-so Aus discounts". I can assure you, if we had similar discounts, the same stuff would happen.

        If you still don't believe me, remember that we have a very large and growing bogan class.

        edit - this one is so much better. Just the first scene

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          Yeah you're exactly right darren. It just baffles me how people can be so civilized, throw a one day discount day and they react in an animistic disgusting unintelligent way. It's funny though, the people just grab Literally anything haha. Oh don't get me started on the so called "Bogans".

      Reply to l-o-quince

      The first and second sentence contradict each other. WHy bother making a sweeping statement if you can't make it without some backpedaling?

      Maybe it's because sweeping generalisations aren't worth being made at all.

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        Fair enough, but if we can't contradict ourselves on the internet, where can we?

        To address your comment, I'm saying that at least 51% of Americans are selfish, whinging, money-orientated and obnoxious people, but on the other hand, at most 49% are not. If that number was lower, I'd just leave it at the first sweeping statement :P

    In a society brainwashed to be a consumerist driven one, does this honestly surprise anyone?

    Americans are bombarded all day, every day to buy, buy, buy... even if they cannot afford it, borrow and buy more.


    Australians are no different, we simply don't have sales on the same scale as this is all. We do our rush for a bargain online instead.

    Now these clips show people rushing for a bargain.

    Can you imagine how they'll behave if it was for emergency goods like food and water in a time of crisis?

    A sign of things to come in that country?


    listen to you lot. What's disgusting is you all sitting there in judgement. We can all act a little crazy sometimes. There's no need to demean an entire population for god's sake.

      Yeah sure, we can all get a little crazy sometimes, but this sort of shit is just over the top, people literally stampeding and trampling people, just so they can get more stuff that they more than likely don't even need, and starting a fight when someone beats you to it.

      Agree with RIbs. The behaviour in those vids is pretty disturbing and demeaning for all of us who have bought in to our current mainstream consumerist society.

      Don't kid yourself and try to feel better by comparing. We'll have the same given the right circumstances. Remember also the population difference between Aus and the USA - some 21,000,000 versus around 300,000,000.

      I just think it's very sad. I mean, the whole consumerist hysteria is sad.

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      I've acted a little crazy many times in my life but I've never trampled a pregnant women, dismantle shopping center furnishings to throw at people or hit someone over a retail product, This is more than just acting a little crazy,

      Note: I think the same thing would happen in Australia if we had similar sales.

    Consumerism at its best. And for what? To save a few bucks on a camera?

    Looks like the scenes in a Zombie movie where everyone is rioting for basic supplies.

      Actually, in some of these shots, the people look more like the zombies from World War Z.

        OH MY GOD! The zombie apocalypse is happening, and I'm not ready. I'm off to the shops to gather supplies.

    If you are gonna do that, just loot the stores.

    I'm looking at the Walmart catalogue. There's some pretty good deals in there - a lot of electronics for around 50% off, but it's not exactly what I'd consider to be rioting the streets level of discounts.

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    Vermin absolute vermin. And this is the shining light of democracy meant to be an example to the rest of the world, God help the rest of the world I say!

    You could literally have taken a dump in a box and sold it with a money off sticker to these subhumans!


      I can see this happening in Australia but I can imagine that it would be the bogans causing all the issues.

      I mean, who now days actively goes into local shopping centers to 'hunt' out bargains? If I really can't be bothered waiting for 2 weeks for something to come in the mail then I may just go in and buy it for double the cost, and sift through the bogans and teeny bobbers on the way out. Probably go to my car in the parking lot to find yet another door/trolley dent.

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    It's things like this that make me believe we should ignore America more and more and the world as a whole should try and rid our dependence of them.

    And about people saying it would be the bogans causing trouble, you have clearly never seen the Chinese shop when they see the magic word sale. They're probably worse than Americans in my opinion. (Coming from someone who has worked in retail many years)

    I'll try to bring this video to mind the next time I have to suffer through 1-2 hours lined up to buy goods. Ah Japan, where orderly lines are a national pastime...

    And I thought South Park was exaggerating, can't believe this shit actually happens.
    I would much rather sit at home and you know.... not get my head stomped in for 50% saving on a $30 kettle.

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