Watch The Launch Trailer For Killzone: Shadow Fall

The launch trailer for Killzone: Shadow Fall gives us a little bit of zealotry and a bucket of bad blood. With their homeworld destroyed, the Helghast have come to settle with the Vektans, in a big city divided by a huge wall. Unsurprisingly, no one likes their new neighbours.


    I just wee-d myself a little bit.
    Xbone can keep its Titanfall - I haven't been this excited about a game in years.

    Gritty - now that's a trailer. I think I will purchase this title. Well done cool promo trailer, another sale!

    oh cool, the E3 demo compressed into 2 minutes with slowed down battlefield 4 style music and even a couple of transformer noises. Surely they could have amped it up a bit. I'm excited as hell for this game but that was a pretty boring trailer...

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