The Machine That Finds Shiny Pokémon For You Just Got Even Better

Last week, we showed you a machine that someone built that found rare colours of Pokemon for them — all without having to to be present for the boring parts of the special shiny-finding process. It was impressive... but this new machine right here? It's even better.

As a quick recap: the original machine made by dekuNukem used a microcontroller and a light sensor hooked up to the 3DS to get into random encounters, and it would then decipher whether or not that specific encounter was a shiny encounter. If it was a shiny encounter, the machine would sound an alarm. From there, the player would then have to come over and manually catch the Pokemon themselves. All the machine was doing was finding shiny Pokemon — and only shiny Pokemon that appear in water locations at that.

In this new version which is also designed by dekuNukem, not only will the machine try to actually try to catch the Pokemon for you, it also works on land too. You can "select two types of Poke balls" according to dekuNukem, and after encountering a shiny, the machine will "throw the first [Pokeball type] once, then the second type 3 (configurable) times. If all fail then the alarm is sound, else keep finding." So the alarm is still used in this case, but it's a last resort type of situation — ideally, you can catch the shiny without having to be present.

Neat, eh? I will say that, even though this is a brilliant machine, I think I'd at least like to be present for the shiny catching...they're supposed to mean something to me, you know? Still, kudos to dekuNukem's ingenuity.


    So.... botting now made its way to Nintendo games....
    Might as well just hack the savegame and give yourself the pokemons you want - at level 100, with all stats maxed.

      There's a difference between hacking a save file, and building a device that detects these things, programming them and then being proud of it. In case you didn't know, this device was made using and Arduino board. That means he did the wiring himself, he figured out how it works himself, he programmed it himself. When someone puts in that much effort, and build something that good from scratch, all you can really do is clap and go "Well done sir, well done".

      Further more, all this does is catch shinies, it's not like he's actually hacking pokemon into the game

        granted, gotta give him kudos for building it and that it works. But:
        [quote]not only will the machine try to actually try to catch the Pokemon for you[/quote]
        In the end, it's nothing but a bot. So might as well skip the hard part and start editing the savegame.

          Frankly, shinies are kinda too insanely stupidly rare for me to care. 1 in 8192 base rate. And all shinies offer is a different, often less interesting, skin on a pokemon. It offers NO competitive advantage or anything it isn't better stats, just a different color. Far cry between this and hacking in 'max stats level 100' pokemon. In fact, odds are that even if you find a shiny, the stats will be crap. If finding a shiny alone is 1 in 8192, how hard do you think a shiny with perfect stats, or even GOOD stats, is?

        yeah, it's an amazing bit of kit. I'd never use it, but credit to the boy for building something that'd win a school science prize hands down.

    I won't be surprised if in a few weeks from now we'll hear that the bot plays the entire game for you so you don't have to.

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