The Most Amazing 1.25 Seconds You'll See This Week

The Most Amazing 1.25 Seconds You'll See This Week

Blink and you'll miss it. So don't blink and marvel at 90 rounds spit out in just 1.25 seconds.

Via and LiveLeak comes this clip of a M-134 "mini-gun" shooting through a 90-round belt.

90 Rounds in About 1.25 Seconds [ via LiveLeak]


    Pretty cool but doesn't even come close to most amazing. I saw a child born this week :P that wins hands down for me :)

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      Creating life is always better than taking it! :)

        The man in the video just delivered 90 baby bullets. 90 > 1.

      Your own? I will NEVER forget the day my son was born.

        I saw my son born 10 years ago, was amazing and I'll never forget it :) No, this was a friend who had noone to be there with her, literally. So I went in there with her. Was great to see it again though, as much as I believe in science, I know its all cells mixing and matching and creating and growing etc etc etc... the creation of life is still a miracle in my eyes :)

      Doesn't even come close. I saw my cat catch a fly and eat it. BUT THEN THE FLY CAME OUT HIS MOUTH. New winner!

        That's actually pretty freakin' awesome! That's one badass fly that DESERVES to live!!!

        My cat once did that, except with a moth. I didn't even know she'd eaten it before she rocked up and started coughing - and suddenly, Miracle Moth. It was summarily awesome.

    It takes you longer than 1.25 seconds to blink?

    Why watch the YouTube video when I have a stupid gif ruining the whole thing for me? Seriously... stop that stupid gif crap!

      Why is it when I said that a month or so ago I got down-voted to hell, and when you say it all the sensible people are out?

      You know, Some of us don't want to click every single video (especially when they are this short). Cheers for the gif.

    I wanted to see the other end of the mingun, see how it'll tear through the target.

      Well 6,000 rounds per minute can put more holes in the target than in your average wheel of Swiss Cheese in about 0.5 seconds

    This has nothing on Metal Storm's 36 barrel prototype. 180 rounds spit out at 1,000,000 rounds per minute sounds like a single gunshot.

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    believe it or not, you can walk in off the street and pay to do this in Vegas (where else?)

    yep, you too can have the best 1.5 seconds of your life... for $350. no idea how having three paper targets is supposed to work though. almost decided to do this till the missus convinced me otherwise...

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