New PlayStation App Now Available For iOS And Android


    "This app is unavailable in your country"

    And the point of posting this is....

      Luke only said it was available, never said it was going to work haha.

      log in on your PC, i have seen this before when accessing google play on my phone.
      95%* of the time this works when i see this message.
      *idk, ive never counted.

    I downloaded it last night just followed the ign on igns page to the play store, massive improvement over the old app

    i suspect this will be available for aussies closer to our launch date... just think guys we get the yanks to beta test it for us... (grumble grumble want it now but trying to stay positive)

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    Apparently trying to buy something from it still takes you to the web page.


      yup, even the login is a bit weird, when you add your account it throws you out to a browser to log into your psn/sen account then brings you back into the app

    lol, my iTunes account was logged into my Japanese account, so the link took me to a "this app isn't available on the Japanese store, but is available on the Australian store. Switch stores?" so I clicked ok, and then I get... "this app isn't available on the Australian store". sigh

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