The Old Republic's New Space Battles Have So Many Lasers, Y'all

Are we killing each other in space yet? Not yet. Star Wars: The Old Republic's skies don't fill with fire until the subscriber early start of the Galactic Starfighter expansion on December 3, but you can see them now via this handy video dealio. So many lasers.

I haven't been this excited about Star Wars: The Old Republic since the last time I was excited about Star Wars: the Old Republic. That was a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. Space battles are exactly what the doctor ordered. That, and gauze. For the laser burns.


    I have been playing swtor for about a week now. I really enjoy it. I wish the space battles were in first person like tie fighter.

    I used to play this at launch and quit due to the endless running. Do I need to be at a certain point to play these battles or can I just piss off all the other mmo stuff and just do this?

      My impression is that you can do this from a low level. Maybe not just after character creation but a low level nonetheless.

    There was so much about this game that I loved. The fact your character had what seemed to be defining choices, the fact they weren't just a scrub in a world of NPC leaders and actually had an identity that spanned your own story.
    (When the Jedi council first asked my opinion on something I had a nerd moment that was only surpassed when I became a council member)
    However as I got to the end game it was just dailies and instance grinding which wore on me quickly and caused me to leave for something new

      Exactly the same experience as mine. Great story-based game, boring as crap MMO...

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