The PlayStation 4 Makes Skylanders: Swap Force Look So Much Better

In August I got an early chance to play the latest instalment of Skylanders on a PlayStation 4. I thought it was just the prettiest thing ever. After reviewing the game on the PS3, I thought I might have just been seeing things. Nope. So much better.

The difference, which might not show up quite as well on video as it does in person, is pretty much night and day. The PlayStation 4 version is crisp and clean and clear, running a smooth 1080p at 60 frames-per-second. The PS3 version is 720p and quite a bit muddier when seen side-by-side.

I said there was no going back, and I was right. If you're planning on grabbing a copy of Skylanders: Swap Force for Christmas, you might want to consider picking up a PlayStation 4 as well. It's not like you wouldn't just spend the money on toys anyway.


    The differences are small, but there's definitely enough difference for me that I'd be hesitant to get any cross generational games like your FIFA's on the 360 or PS3. Thank goodness for games like GTA5 because it's going to be a while for me.

      I'd be less worried about the graphics difference, and more worried about the engine differences to be honest. Really if you're sticking with the PS3 or 360 for a while, the graphics aren't bothering you right now anyway. Games like FIFA though have a whole new physics engine on next gen, while PS3/360 have the old game engine updated for this year.

    Graphics differences are pretty minimal in real world use but there's an obvious upgrade when you look closely. If anything I'm damn impressed at how that game looks on a ps3 !!

    Is the Wii U running at 1080p too and how does it compare?

    I really want a Pokemon version of the skylanders games, no doubt they'd sell like crazy

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