The PS4 And Xbox One, Side-By-Side

The PS4 And Xbox One, Side-By-Side
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Picture this as a very intimate cage-fight, or an even more intimate snuggle between colleagues. Up to you.

German site PCGames has gotten hold of both an Xbox One and a PS4, and doing what the internet wants them to do, put them next to each other. And on top of each other.

There’s a few shots here, but head to the link below for the full gallery

Bilder/Screenshots zu Xbox One vs. PS4: Größenvergleich auf exklusiven Fotos [PCGames, via NeoGAF]


    • I just called EB Games just to check up on my pre-order and how much is left on a few things. I already knew, but it got me a bit more excited. 🙂

    • I got mine paid off and ready to pick up this Thursday midnight.

      Not a massive fan of the PS4 as my cabinet is not angled at all so the slant doesn’t fit in with it. I much prefer the box shape that is the XBone.

      • Mine’s paid off too. I might just take a shit load of sleeping pills and wake up on Thursday. Hopefully my kids can manage without me for 4 days, they’re 6 and 8, it’s about time they learned to drive anyway.

        • I’ve dropped very subtle hints to the girlfriend that I want an XBOne for Christmas…my hints are: ‘Babe, I want that for Christmas’

          Is that subtle enough? LOL!

    • HAHAHA. Nicely said. Ultimately I think they’re both kinda ugly, but I would say the PS4 looks better than the Xbone. It’s at least trying to be stylish where as the Xbone is like “fuck it, I’m a black box, deal with it”

    • I was actually thinking VCR vs Betamax player 😛

      But to be honest, both of these are going to look good under my TV in a couple of weeks 😛

  • Im a convert. Never thought it would happen but im getting a day one xbone. I love Sony but im getting one of them next year – partly because i missed pre orders lol

    I’m kinda excited to get into the Xbox ecosystem and play a couple of their exclusives! Cant wait for FIFA! Just sucks im moving house next weekend so my misses is going to be on my case to be packing!!!

  • Oh man the Xbone is ugly.

    Not saying the PS4 is a masterpeice either. I don’t like the design of either boxes.

    Does anyone else think that the white Xbone’s that MS employees got would have sold REALLY well?

    • I really don’t think it’s ugly, it’s just a bit meh. Looks like a channel mixer type box or something, just really plain.

      I would have bought the white one for sure if they released it.

      • I actually sort of like that though. I miss the days before everything tried so hard to look unique. It all just stacked to a semi-standardised box shape that was either black or silver. Now everything sort of insists that it’s a conversational piece. Like I’m going to setup my entire entertainment center to showcase a budget PVR.
        I’ll hold off until I actually have them setup, but so far they both look pretty ugly. There’s no IR and they’ll charge off a USB connection, so I think this generation is going to be the one where I build a custom setup that hides absolutely everything.

  • So what is that on the One that’s being covered? They had both consoles on Sunrise this morn and it was covered with masking tape on there…

  • Xbone is trying its hardest to look like something standard in your media cabinet you don’t even think about but use every day. Can’t wait for mine, first midnight launch! 😀

  • Here we see, the wild Xbox1. Over-designed by its masters to make sure those damn RROD issues don’t come back. Expect a slim model in 1-2 years.

    • Exactly.

      Better tested, older technology, comparatively expensive build and cooler, well spaced components.
      Microsoft REALLY don’t want this thing to be dying the numbers that the 360 did.

      Of course we’ll all see some consoles fail on launch day and no matter what, that small percentage will be front and centre when it comes to coverage (as we’ve seen with the PS4).

  • Wow… didn’t realise that the Xbone was so long… umm… hmm. That came out wrong… “Wide”? “Large”? Dammit, why couldn’t it get a name that didn’t involve innuendo?!

    But seriously, the Xbox looks exactly like they said it would – something that would be merely another black box to hide away under your telly. The PS4, however, is one sexy black parallelepiped. Might have to clear a more prominent shelf for it…

  • XBOX one was designed by Americans and Americans like to upscale everything so I’m not surprise by the size.

    • I’m planning on running a HDMI hub into the back of the XBOX One and using PS4/Wii U/XBOX 360/TV through it. It all works in theory, but as some people pointed out to me a while back there may be latency issues on the HDMI. Should know soon enough. Can’t wait to play Wii U with XBOX Live. =)

  • All that extra space and they could still not fit the power supply inside it.
    Why do MS love to have that extra brick???????

    • Maybe because Microsoft doesn’t want the console to run around 115 degrees Fahrenheit? LOL, listen, from the people that used it and went to event they said compared to the PS4 it run quieter and very cool for long periods of time, so I’m ok with the size and power brick. If my console is near silent and cool to touch KUDOS! Maybe Sony shoulda taken a hint.

        • Air temperature shouldn’t get that high in a PC unless it’s the middle of summer. CPU and GPU temps will get to 60C but airflow should be enough to push it out without raising case temperature by too much.

          It’s not a dangerous temperature though, by any means.

          • Yeh, but that’ll be for PC’s, if you compared the PS4 to laptops which use centrifugal fans (which is the only fan in the system) the exhaust temperatures are very similar, if not better (probs cause bigger).

            This is also AMD we’re talking about, my AMD quad core desktop replacement runs very, very hot. Even my Samsung Series 9 Ultrabook with a i5 experiences 50 degree exhaust/case temperatures on 25 degree days.

          • AMD does have a reputation for running hot, yes. I think it was a mistake to go for an AMD hybrid processor in the two next-gen consoles instead of the more traditional design. It’s sad too, because I used to be an AMD fan of sorts, but Intel just completely trounced them in efficiency and performance and they’re still playing catch up today.

      • What hint? My first gen PS3 only started overheating in the past year during summer when my lounge reached 30 and current PS4 tests show it running just fine in term of temp.

        To be fair my 360 never overheated…..but that’s because it never stayed on long enough to do so, it was too busy dying every month

        • The last thermal camera test on the PS4 I saw showed it running at around 60C after 30 minutes in-game (Killzone, I think it was). That’s fine for PC hardware, but for comparison, 60C was enough to get the PS3 to yellow-light and brick. It looks like it runs hotter than the PS3 did in-game, but handles the heat better.

          • The exhaust was running at 60, the top at 30 and the bottom at 40 if memory serves me. Would love to point one of those at my PS3 this summer, I bet old dusty could give it a run for its money.

    • Its to keep all that extra heat out. I don’t think its a big problem. I won’t have the power brick on display for everyone to see.

  • I’m getting a PS4, and have always been a PS player… but am the only one that thinks think Xbone actually looks good? I dunno, it just looks… solid. I would be happy with it sitting in my cabinet.

    That’s not the power plug on the left side though is it??

    • That would be the connect sensor plug wouldn’t it? would make sense for it to be more accessible at the front or side.

    • its a side USB slot, pretty stupid position imo, and there is only one of them on side and i think 2 or 3 more on the back, so no charging 2 controllers at once, without bit of fiddling around back

  • cant wait to have these two side by side in my tv cabinet. the xb1 will have a section to itself while the ps4 will have to sit on top of my stereo amp :3

  • The Xbox is larger but doesn’t have in internal PSU? :s

    This design might be for the sake of stackability. A lot of people stack their equipment and the bizarre curve, angles and top vents make that difficult.

    • Stacking TV/AV stuff is a BAD idea.
      Most of it gets pretty warm and is only passively cooled, this is why most things say to leave 20cm+ on all sides free for ventilation.
      Throw a console in a cabinet with already cramped and hot conditions and you are likely to cause more issues.

  • Given that the PS4’s power supply is internal and they were pulling better temps than a 360 – ill be real keen to see the heat output on an Xbone

  • It’s obvious by the size difference between the two that sony has the more talented engineers, especially considering the xbone is LESS powerful lol.

  • they are both going to live in a cabinet.
    so i cant say i am too fussed.
    neither look great but if the xbone is at least the size of standard AV gear than it will work with my set up.

  • Is there any reason that the XBone is so much bigger? In terms of power it is at best equal to the PS4 from what I’ve read, don’t understand the need for the extra bulk.

      • Not convinced that they had to make that many concessions in size. The 360 had more heating issues than the PS3 last time, despite the external PSU and just looking at the new consoles, the PSU has more extensive vents and a larger heatsink during the teardown.

    • It you look at the teardowns, there’s a tonne of dead air inside the Xbox. Not sure if it was a deliberate design decision for airflow, but it looks like they built a gaming PC with off the shelf components. The PS4’s internals seem engineered to fit in snugly, including the PSU, oversized heatsink and shrouds.

  • Actually more of a fan of the Xbone’s understated design. Apparently the slant on the PS4 makes it difficult to locate ports on the back by touch alone. I just wish the Xbone wasn’t the size of a carriage house. MS must be paranoid about RROD issues from last time. The Xbone I can see getting the slim redesign real soon, the PS4 not so much.

  • I don’t like either of the designs all that much, but then I don’t really care what they look like, I care how noisy they are and how well they run games.

  • The Xbox is UGLY! I am sooooo not having sex with it now, if it was even half decent looking I might tap it, but no way in hell am I slipping it into that thing. That’s a HUGE bitch.

    I will however play games and watch movies on it as is its intended purpose.

    P.S. What is the big white label on the front?

  • I still have no idea which console to get. I game in a small area – my xbox is practically at the foot of my bed- will i be able to use the Kinect? Also, multiplayer was vastly superior on 360 than it was on PS3 – can we expect the same on next gen? This is an important thing to think about especially living in Australia – don’t want any lag.

  • I’ve seen inside the xbone and they could have cut another 4 x 2″ off there was so much room between everything inside the box! I wonder why they left so much room within the box? Otherwise it would be the same as the PS4 in size..And what I saw of inside the PS4 it was compacted in everyway possible much like the PS3’s slim version! I guess maybe a heat thing?

  • Oh noes! It’s just so hueg! However will I fit a few extra cm of box anywhere? Oh, except that it is smaller than pretty much any piece of AV stuff…
    People just like to be sensationalist wankers when they feel the need to bash something.

  • I’ve never seen such ugly looking consoles. It’s like and 80’s tribute design. I know its under the hood that counts but consoles are getting uglier each generation. This is one battle the Wii U can win on and that’s aesthetics.

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