The Ragnarok Creator's New Game Will Have 80 Classes

Hakkyu Kim, who a long, long time ago created the crazy popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online, recently took the show floor over at South Korea's G-Star convention to talk about his new game, Tree of Saviour — a game that will no doubt drive altoholics insane with its huge amount of classes.

According to Korean news site inven (via tipster Sang), Tree of Saviour will contain 80 classes in total at the launch of its open beta, with 10 "jobs" available to each class. Graphics-wise, the game will be similar to Ragnarok Online, with 2D character sprites moving around in a 3D world — although this time around the monsters you'll fight will also be in 3D, as you can see in the gameplay vid shared by inven above. Kim also shared the fact that there would be 200 unique boss monsters for players to hunt down.

So, there you have it. 80 classes, 200 bosses. That should be a complete nightmare to properly balance — that is, if the classes are not already balanced, in which case, hats off to Mr. Kim and crew. The game should enter its first closed beta next February, so look for more news around that time.

트리 오브 세이비어 [inven — thanks Sang!]


    yeah well after RO2 ripping me off they can get stuff.

      Hakkyu left Gravity in 2002 after creating RO; he has nothing to do with RO2 as far as I know.

    Well that was Gravity that ripped you off. Hakkyu left Gravity in 2002 after a falling out. So if it's his own new company making it, might be worth keeping an eye on.

      was not aware of that.... might be worth taking a look then because i loved the hell out of the original ragnorok

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