The Room Of A Thousand Snakes Will Make You Confused, Terrified And Then Angry

Hey you. Yes, you. Want to feel claustrophobic? Feel like freaking the hell out and running in circles in terror? Boy, do I have the game for you.

It's called Room Of A Thousand Snakes. It's short. It's sorta dumb. It'll last less than a minute. You'll be confused. Then you'll feel a slow sense of unease. Then you'll scream in a high pitched tenor. Then you'll die. Then you'll feel disappointed. Then you may get angry at me in the comments for completely wasting your time but whatever, we're in this whole thing together folks. Together.

Yeah, I have no idea what happened either.


    Who needs journalism when we have this! This is truly a work of art. I love these weird little unity games and their watermarked textures.

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