The Sea Giving You Trouble? No Problem, Just Shrink The Moon

First-person puzzle game Scale, where you solve problems by shrinking or growing stuff, is coming along nicely. By “coming along nicely”, we mean “becoming more and more insanely awesome”, in this case. Just look at the video above. Look at it. Swimming is no longer an acceptable way to find treasure underwater.

Incidentally, Scale‘s Kickstarter campaign is slowly trudging along towards its goal with 10 days remaining. You may wanna check it out if you like what you see.

Scale Gameplay: Scale the moon, raise the sea. [YouTube]


  • Looks awesome. Even though most AAA games are stale and repetitive, indie games continue to do something new and awesome.

  • Wait.. I saw the scaling Juice, but was he making the moon bigger? smaller? Wouldn’t that affect Tide? Where was the water going? it kinda just sunk below the ground. Sah lost

    • Yeah, it seems the game is using the moon as a mechanic for sea level height.
      I wouldn’t even say it’s simplified. It’s just something you do to play the game.

      I originally wrote a post mentioning basic physics of the situation, but I’ve hidden it unless anyone wants to see it. It’s a game in which you make objects bigger and smaller with a gun. Clearly physics is out the window and a discussion about which is pretty much redundant.

      The moon’s size [more importantly, it’s mass] does influence the oceans [what we call “tides”] through what is known as tidal forces. The Sun also exerts it’s own tidal forces on our oceans. For the moon to have as big an impact on the oceans as is observed here, it would have to have an absolutely monstrous [change in] mass to cause an effect this large, though it would take a long time for the water to dissipate, and would cause a lot of damage to eroded coastline.

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