The Trans-Pacific Partnership Explained In Five Minutes

You've probably heard/read a lot about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and, on this site you may have heard about its potential to affect the local games industry, but explaining the whole situation without the legalese can be extremely challenging. That's where this helpful video comes in.

We wrote about the ways in which the TPP will re-enforce all the nasty geo-blocking stuff we have to deal with and, in addition, how it may end up affecting the price of games here in Australia, but this video goes a long way to giving us a specific idea of what the TPP means in a wider context.

The video features copyright expert and journalist Glyn Moody explaining the situation in plain language and, personally, I found it super helpful.

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    I'm not too worried about this because for all their talk, the internet is just so broad and diverse to be able to control in this fasion. As well as that, people will ALWAYS find a way around it, so the governments will spend billions of dollars trying to develop appropriate security measures for the internet, only to have them cracked or bypassed in 15 minutes.

    Still, I don't like it.

      yeah no. The idea that heroic basement dwelling computer nerds will always outfox loser government programmers is a bad TV trope. It's not a certainty that there will ALWAYS be a way around it which is why it needs to be under such intense public scrutiny.

        Short of seriously drastic control measures (of an order of magnitude worse than the Chinese firewall), there's always a way around things. There definitely needs to be public scrutiny, but more because the way governments implement unpopular changes is incrementally, and like a lobster in a pot that heats slowly, without careful scrutiny of every seemingly small change, we won't know that government has built those changes into the curtailing of an essential liberty until it's too late.

        Plans like SOPA and such were designed to be win-win: If they managed to get it through, they would have won a lot of ground quickly, but if it failed, it served as enough of a distraction to get a smaller incremental change through while the public was distracted by the earlier issue. They tend to be pretty crafty at doing that sort of thing without the public reacting.

        Yeah no. I'm wondering where the idea of "heroic basement-dwelling nerds" actually came from, because that guy didn't say it... You seem to have some pretty deep-seated insecurity when it comes to "heroic basement-dwelling nerds".

          Did I say he did? It's simple idiocy to claim there will ALWAYS be a way and anyone doing so is simply referencing imaginative pop culture notions rather than reality - and the most pervasive one relevant to this issue is that of 'hackers' circumventing 'the system'.

          It's nice to think that the world will always carry on in the comfortable warm fuzzy way you are used to but the reality is different. We have a right wing extremist government in power who will happily implement drastic control measures, should they feel it suits their ideological agendas. There is a very real possibility that if they, and their assorted nutbag minor party allies, gain enough political control in coming years that we will end up with an internet landscape that makes China's look open and inviting.

          There's a number of ways this could occur - it's unlikely, one would hope, but claiming it can't happen is just wishful thinking.

      Don't not worry about it for your games! Worry about it for your public health care and rights of government over harmful business like plain packaging for cigarettes.

    I hate that Australia is so obsessed with doing what the US wants that we can't just say "Take your demands and fuck off". It feels like our Government just wants to cave to them in every aspect, and don't really have the balls to stand up to the them. The Australian people don't want to follow them into wars, they don't want Hollywood trying to dictate our internet lives and they certainly don't want them defining what surgeries our doctors can perform... so doesn't our Government just give them the middle finger?

      Because Murdochs hand is so far up Abbots clacker that he can taste his hand cream.

      Hilarious insults about our puppet pm aside, Labour was also guilty of bowing to America in certain ways, though its been taken to the extremes now. I can only hope he does something stupid enough for a double dissolution, the man is risking financial ruin in our states (via lawsuits from this stupid agreement) so big business can make more money and pay no taxes.

      Makes me embarrassed to be Aussie to have him leading us.

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