The Ultimate 'Round The World' Gaming Tour For A Mere $9000

The Ultimate 'Round The World' Gaming Tour For A Mere $US9,000

Got some time off saved up? Have a spare $US9000? UK travel agency Sta and Game have put together a 14-stop 'Round the World' tour that takes gamers to London, Tokyo, Phuket, Boston and beyond.

"The Epic Gaming Adventure", as Sta is calling it, is the sort of trip I would have mapped out for myself, had I access to unlimited funds and an above-American grasp of geography. The tour starts off in Edinburgh, Scotland, home of Rockstar North. From there it goes to London for a stopover at the Loading Bar in Soho. Step three is Phuket, for a visit to the islands frequented by Tomb Raider's Lara Croft. The tour visits Seoul, Korea, home of the e-Sports Stadium, before tripping to Tokyo for a trip to the Taito Station arcade (and buying toys for Fahey).

Then it's off to exotic America, hopping from Los Angeles to San Francisco to Austin to Boston to New York City to Miami — phew. I've been everywhere but Miami, so I can probably skip that leg.

The final segment takes gamers to Assassin's Creed: Black Flag-themed Nassau in the Bahamas; Havana, loosely tied into Call of Duty: Black Ops; and finally back to London, where they'll dance the night away at the Gamer Disco.

That's a rather epic adventure, isn't it? The flights alone (not counting getting to wherever the tour starts from) run some $US4150 (£2599) at current conversion rates, so even if you snapped in public parks (highly recommended (don't listen to him)), you'd still need a large chunk of change to make it happen. But again, adventure! We need more adventure in our lives. Sometimes you've just got to throw common sense to the wind and just say "Phuket".

Yeah, I wrote the whole article just for that last bit. Sorry.

The Epic Gaming Adventure [Sta Travel] Image of Phuket via Phaitoon Sutunyawatchai [Shutterstock]


    Looks like a pretty fun semi- world tour, even if the links to gaming are stretched a bit thin in places. I'd still be happy to visit any of these places though.

      Agreed the locations seem great but the links are very limited. I think they need to throw a few of the conventions into them depending on the time of year there is usually some type of games event going on somewhere around the world. even if you snapped in public parks...I snapped in a public park once and had to be restrained by the old men playing chess until the police arrived.

    Yeah never mind Italy where Assassins creed two and brotherhood were set, Firenze, Venezia and Roma are beautiful and still resemble very much what the game represented... Nooo lets go to Scotland and London... zzzz enjoy that 2hr wait at Heathrow retards

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