The Various Sounds Of Video Gaming's Greatest Theme Music

Someone asked me today what my favourite video game theme music of all time was. My answer? Well, I had to go with my gut. It's the Monkey Island theme. No music makes me feel those feels like the intro to Monkey Island.

After reminding myself of how good the Monkey Island theme music was, I decided to go on a search on YouTube to listen to it. In that search I found an assortment of riches.

Obviously, I found the original. The opening theme to The Secret of Monkey Island...

And then my personal favourite — the jazzed up funky MIDI beats of Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge.

How about this free flowing orchestral remix of the track. Love this to death.

This plain and simple piano rendition is great.

As is this rustic wee guitar number. Love the whistling. Somehow this seems the most 'Monkey Island-esque' of the lot.

Monkey Island meets metal...

This band seems as tight as can be. Love the easy jump to different songs in the series.

Oh dear God it's Monkey Island on a harp. It's like you are plucking the strings... in my heart. Sheer genius.

You might remember this floppy disc drive thing that went viral a while back — I didn't know they did Monkey Island!

This is a cool little curiousity: the orinal track as played by multiple different sound cards. Some massive differences here.

It was just so much fun to listen to all these different versions of the same music. That song is completely timeless. It sounds good no matter what the hell you decide to do with it.



    Monkey Island is an experience that will stay with me for life. This page shows that it has touched alot of people similarly :)*hugs all the people*

    Awesome Post!! One of the greatest games of all time!

    Baldur's Gate 1 title / character creation screen music for me. That gets my juices flowing every time.

    Definitely Monkey Island theme, closely followed by Lost Woods from Oot.

    I prefer the way I first heard the musical score: beeps via internal PC speaker.
    Those were simple, simple times....

    thanks for getting me lost in watching floppy drive music on youtube for an hour at work >

    Monkey Island probably wins for overall levels of love for me to but its also pretty hard to beat the theme for IK+ as an ear worm:

      For the level of badassery, it'd be hard to bypass the intro to Full Throttle of course:

    The metal version is great!! My current ringtone in fact ;)

    That's the second biggest Monkey Island post I've ever seen.

    My favourite music from a videogame would be:

    1. Mirror's Edge
    2. The Last Ninja
    3. Journey

    Ultima 4 on the C64. The SID chip on those was so much better than anything else of the time, and of all the ports of it the C64 always was the one that moved me. I still hear that regularly in my head.

    The Monkey Island intro was only any good if you had a Roland MT-32 or LAPC-1 sound card. Sierra and Lucasarts graphical adventure games had awesome soundtracks if you could afford the Rolands. Police Quest 2 intro was amongst my favs.

    E1M1 baby.

    The OverClocked ReMix. A favourite of mine - a metal MI theme plus a bit of pirate sing-songery.

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