The Worst Black Belts Are The Best Black Belts



    Most (decent) gradings or demonstrations that Ive been to do full contact sparring, or at least look a whole lot more graceful. This was just...well....laughable. I suspect all those black belts were bought from ebay or something. If that was a martial arts display then I'm an anthropormorphic plane.

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      The problem is that most clubs ares scared of losing members so next to no one fails gradings these days. Belts mean nothing anyway and are just an added western element.

        Belt are to tell how much they have gone through. I'll admit these guys don't help my point because anything up to black belt is tested locally. Though when you go for your first "Dan" it is typically held at an international level and you first even have to qualify to go for it. It has been around for roughly 400+ years but only got popular about 120+ years ago. It was also introduced by the Japanese, not western culture.

          Are you talking about Karate?

          In traditional forms there are two levels. Student and Master. In Karate they were given a white belt that was to NEVER be washed. Over time due to sweat and dirt the belt would eventually become black showing how much time you had actually spent perfecting your art.

          In Kungfu there are no belts. They have a Gold sash for master. Red for Grand Master.

          Once again it wasn't until it became popular in the west that belts were introduced as westerners have a desire to see short term goals fulfilled.

          If you are talking about Tae Kwon Do. It is a relatively new style, adapted from karate which emphasises wildly out dated and impractical kicks. The jump kicks were used to unhorse riders!

            I have to be honest I have never read anywhere that the West introduced it. And I tried searching it to find and I can only find what I was taught in Kendo that it was introduced and created the Japanese. Instigated by Kanō Jigorō who founded Judo. Even the belt system was introduced by the Japanese. It all originated from the game of Go. I honestly tried googling to see if your point was right so as to concede but nothing is saying west and everything is saying Japanese like I was taught.


              Here is a bit about the history. I read the western emphasis when I was studying wing chun, I will try and update this as soon as I find it.

      I think a strong gust of wind would topple them over. This is the worst bout of martial farts I've ever seen and I suspect exactly why no one takes you seriously if you "have a black belt in karate"

    I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cringe. The constant exchange of leading-leg flick kicks can be timed with a metronome. Honestly looks like they're scared about hitting each other, even though you should feel you have control of your technique at that level.
    Also the combined Kata at the end was difficult to watch - absolutely no sense of pace, timing or coordination as a group. A+ for enthusiasm though.

      I dont think they are afraid because they cant control their technique, I reckon they're afraid because they are frightened of hurting themselves when they hit someone else. I thought that thing might have been a kata, but it seemed more like a race.

    looks like a room full of star wars kids

    So this is a grading... well I have mine this weekend and all i'm thinking for it is how many bruises i'm going to get. Also hope I get to keep my black belt.

      best of luck, and erm.. be like water or something ;)

    Bahahaha... It's like watching Napoleon and Kip Dynamite sparring :D

    This video is no longer available. Can someone tell me exactly what happened?

      A bunch of hack master (age not experience) black belts put on a hilarious demonstration of how not to perform martial arts. It is really spectacular.

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