The Worst Martial Artists In The World

The Worst Martial Artists In The World

Think of this as the internet's best collection of the worst Street Fighter bonus rounds.

I think one there at the end, where the dude falls down the stairs, is faked. The rest? Embarrassingly, painfully real.

Ultimate Martial Arts Fails Compilation 2013 [Uniformedia, via Geekologie]


    In fairness though I suspect the guy striking in the car window in the gif above was meant to be a demonstration of how tough the glass was.

      Auto glass especially the curved side windows are surprisingly strong.

    Some of these are funny, but trying something and failing doesn't make you one of "the worst martial artists in the world". It takes a lot of failures to achieve anything worthwhile.

    The outtakes at the end of a Jackie Chan movie don't invalidate what he accomplished during the film.

      No. Any failure should be laughed at until no one tries anything again for fear of being mocked.

    These are all ok.

    However THIS makes this '9th degree black belt' (my ass he is) one of the worst I've seen in my life simply by his lack of concern.

    How he simply walks away from his student is mind blowingly dumb. I've showed this to my Kancho, a few Shihans in our organisation and some of my Senseis and all agree, this '9th Dan Blackbelt' is irresponsible as hell for doing this in the first place.

    Pants falls down during stage show...that's a new one.

    The dude hitting the car door may have stood a chance if they actually had it secured properly, that said, car windows are hard as all hell, I always chuckle when you smash the car windows in GTA with a quick elbow :-P

    Watch and enjoy. Better than the rest in my opinion.

    and this is why we invented sledgehammers and circular saws

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