The Worst Outfit Ever Worn On South Korean Television

The Worst Outfit Ever Worn on South Korean Television

Mind you, I haven't seen every single get-up ever worn on Korean television, but I can confidently say this one is the worst. It really is.

Either they picked the wrong background or the wrong outfit to go with said background.

The Worst Outfit Ever Worn on South Korean Television

The outfit appeared on a Korean shopping channel. Last week, it began to go viral on Twitter and throughout numerous forums in South Korea. Online, people did their best to show how the dress failed, and how this could have been prevented from happening.

Here's what people are seeing:

The Worst Outfit Ever Worn on South Korean Television

But this is the actual dress:

The Worst Outfit Ever Worn on South Korean Television
The Worst Outfit Ever Worn on South Korean Television

And how this could have been prevented:

The Worst Outfit Ever Worn on South Korean Television
The Worst Outfit Ever Worn on South Korean Television

If you are ever on TV and wearing a dress, don't let this happen to you!

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    I've seen worse on Australia's Funniest Home Videos.

    Those MSPaint skills. Also even though I can clearly see the black portion of the dress it seems to be making an optical illusion....that or she has a massive head.

    Ok, that's it. This has to be *the* single worst article I've ever seen on here. Ever.

      I'm pretty sure he's shaming a lady by the clothes she wears... but why? I don't understand! D:

        I don't think it gets as sophisticated as shaming, I think this is "woman wears dark outfit against dark background"

      It'll be in the top 5 at the very least.

      Even the smallest amount of motion would dispel any illusion that the extremely inattentive might have been cultivating

      You say that, but then Patricia will just double down on shitposting rehashed Reddit threads.

        ...or the latest Call of Duty gif that tickles her fancy.

      Is this Kotaku or Popsugar?

        The line between Popsugar, Gizmodo, LifeHacker and Kotaku is virtually non-existant these days. One could also say that the Daily Mail is starting to take up residence too.

      to be fair... it is a bascraft article... so not too surprising...

      Kotaku is seriously fu#$ed up these days. All they do is post unrelated shit and when it is related its taken from another game site. Untalented hacks. Bashcraft you should be an eikaiwa teacher or something. Seriously.

    I like that dress! It suits her, and really is kind of classy. Unfortunate about the background, but seriously, if you want to see bad dresses just look at Sonia Kruger whenever she is on TV. Her stylist should be maimed and shamed for making her wear some of those unholy abominations.

    Reminder, this is what pro Starcraft uniforms used to look like before the scene achieved self awareness and went with sponsor logos.

    What's wrong with that dress? Sure it looks a bit strange on the black background, but anyone who has two functioning eyes will be able to see the outline of the dress.

    This is Kotaku right? Wow, this Korean news game is so lifelike. What console is it on?

    From the About page of kotaku:
    "At Kotaku Australia, we’re carefully trying to build a reputation for creating the strongest, most engaging content surrounding games and gaming culture."

    Last edited 17/11/13 12:33 am

      Well, this is an article about something in Korea. Korean people play Starcraft. Starcraft is a game. See? It's relevant.

    It looks like they've turned 'Big Head Mode' on.

      She must have finished runway in under 5 mins.

      Last edited 17/11/13 8:32 am

    Sooo... was she talking about games?

    We all fell for click bait, the article had nothing to do with games or gaming or even anything cool. But we all clicked it, we all read the article title, saw the Author and clicked anyway. We keep clicking these things which is why there still here.

    If articles like this got 0 views we'd be rid of them.

    When did Kotaku become a fashion site? I thought that sort of shallow, superficial bullshit was something more up PopSugar's alley?

    The Worst "Article" on Kotaku is........... this one

    This article doesn't even fall under otaku culture or anything, let alone video games.
    Absolute rock bottom Kotaku...

      It's something that happened on Korean tv and has popped up all over Korean websites, which, judging from most of Bascraft's "articles" is all it takes to fall under "oktaku culture", so naturally it was going to end up here. Or something like that... I try not to think about it too hard otherwise I'll get a headache.

    I read this on the US site, I was hoping it wouldn't pop up here. This honestly lowers the legitimacy of the AU site, I know you don't repost everything from the US site, so why these ones?

    I'm getting fed up with these articles, if I am the point where I know I won't lose anything by not reading Kotaku, perhaps it is time to change your tune.

    Clicked in the vain hope that there would turn out to be a funny connection to gaming. Shall not click on stupid Ashcraft articles again. Burned for last time.

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