The Xbox One Is Huge Compared To Other Consoles

The Xbox One Is Huge Compared To Other Consoles

The original Xbox 360 may have been a bulky hunk of hardware, but the Xbox One is huge. Seriously. We did some comparisons in a video to show you exactly how huge we mean.

Watch here:

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And in case you missed it last week, we gave the PS4 a similar demonstration.

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    I can honestly say, I like the size of the Xbox one. It feels compact and resilient.

    It also deserves mention that added to this large size, is the fact that the power supply is external to the Xbox one. The PS4 while already smaller, and technically more powerful (not taking sides) includes the power supply within the case. I consider that to be an impressive achievement.

    Give me huge over dust buster fan anyday. My Xbox one is silent, I can't hear it at all over background environmental noise.

      Don't know why anyone would downvote. It's quieter than my 360.

        I was genuinely sick of loud fans and disc drives from the previous gen. Both the PS3 and 360 were guilty of it.

          Pft 360 and PS4 were silent compared to my PC rig. That thing is like a jet taking off in comparison!

          Last night I wasnt sure if DR 3 was installing from the game disc or trying to download from the store!!! It was so quiet I actually thought the latter and thinking thats why it was going so slow at first but the drive is just really that quiet!

            Yea the combo of downloading update while installing doesn't seem to be letting games install quickly. At least they're partially playable after 3-5 mins.

    It wasn't actually as big as I expected tbh.

      This. After all the articles all over the internets I expected something the size of an old VCR. It's only slightly bigger than my elite 360.

      Last edited 22/11/13 10:00 am

        It's actually a decent size - After pulling it out of the box I didnt believe much of what I had read in reviews. It seemed a lot of the reviewers were picking out little details like the size of the box and the power supply just to slander the bloody unit! Oh and Voice control works really well until im really drunk... Then i try say things that dont work and end up going to the failsafe "xbox go home" and always feel like following it up with "you're drunk"

        I said goodnight to the bloody thing last night as well!!!

    I don't care how big it is as long as it has decent cooling.

    I don't have a problem with the size of the console, but I DO have a problem of the existence of the power brick!!

      Meh, it does remove a lot of heat from the system by making this external. If it was external again and loud id be annoyed, but given how quiet it is it was obviously a good move.

    In all honesty, who cares. It sits (generally) in your entertainment unit below eye level. Such nitpickers.

      My console doesn't and I take it with me on trips.

        So you have something to do at grandmas house?

    Yeh, I always stare at the size of the console when I'm playing games!

    Come on technology get rid of optical drives and move into Solid State Drive, everything will be more compact and more energy could be saved from eliminating the fan.

      You realise the fan is for the processor, right? It isn't going anywhere any time soon, though with that large a fan it is likely not too loud.

    As long as it does what its supposed to who cares?

    I like the size, the lack of sound and the funky white light. I can't complain.

    Anyone think it was made bigger so it disperses heat a bit better?

    So how big is it with respect to the original xbox?

    The non-slim xbox360 still feels like such a tiny console to me after all these years

      If my memory serves me correctly, it is probably very similar in size to the original Xbox...if anything smaller in some dimensions.

    While I'm glad to see that XBOX HUEG is still apt. I'm absolutely affronted that the original Xbox was not brought in for comparison.

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