There Are No Women In This Game, Because They Are All Dead

Lisa The Painful RPG takes place in a world where there are no women. Only men. Given the extreme subject matter its creator, Austin Jorgensen, could have gone the "funny" route or the "bleak as hell" route. He's gone the latter.

Described as a "game about survival, sacrifice and perverts", it's set in a world where the disappearance of women has, as you'd expect, brought out the worst in the men. There are a lot of beards, and a lot of blood.

In order to add to the gravity of it all, Jorgensen wants there to be really heavy decisions available for the player to make, like "Giving up your limbs in exchange for the lives of your party members". Cheery.

Another neat feature is that he's making sure every single character in the game, including every NPC, is a unique entity, not simply a reskinned template or cut-n-paste job.

Due on PC, the game's currently up on Kickstarter. Feel free to back it if you enjoyed Y: The Last Man or like awesome t-shirt rewards.

Lisa The Painful RPG [Kickstarter, via Indie Games]


    Reminds me of Back Of The Y, they had a skit on there called Vaseline Warriors, where all the women on earth had been killed to stop men bickering and showing off.

    So good.

    What? Why would I like this if I liked Y: The Last Man? It's the complete reverse situation!

    Okay, sorry, but this looks like absolute garbage. It looks like something early 2000's newground users would find hilarious.

    This looks awful and almost definitely drowned in infantile homophobia (which is what I assume is happening at 0:22 with Cheeks Gaywood).

    This is what happens when I break my pact to not click on Luke Plunkett articles.

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