There Is Absolutely Zero Reason For Iceman To Be Fired

There Is Absolutely Zero Reason For Iceman To Be Fired

OK, Pete Holmes — you've had your fun. Wolverine, Angel, Gambit and Jubilee deserved to be fired, but Iceman? I'd sooner fire Professor X.

Yes, why don't we turn the tables here? One of the most powerful telepaths on the planet, armed with a machine that can influence entire populations through subliminal suggestion, and mutants are hated and mistrusted why? Too busy being the good guy to pound on the giant "I win" button.

Or maybe you're too busy being dead. How many times has it been now? As many times as you've regained and then lost again the ability to walk? What's that? I can't hear you. Oh wait, you're dead at the moment. Forgot.

Great, and now I've got that song stuck in my head, too. Jerk.


    Really should have Jean Grey turn up and fire Xavier for those exact reasons :)

    I had a feeling an Iceman episode was on it's way. Cyclops next? He's not useless but he is mockable.

    On one hand, it's not flat out terrible like the Jubilee one.

    On the other hand, Ice-Man is actually useful. The ability to flash-freeze things with ice-beams? Sorry, but that's actually damn handy. Throw in his ability to skate through the air on ice sheets as well, why are you firing him again, exactly?

      i'd argue that gambit was just as if not more useful, being able to control energy actually had a tonne of applications from promoting growth in cells, to flash heating/cooling objects, to charging attacks to be powerful enough to level buildings, hell he could make you blow up with a mean look if he tried and lets not even get started on the period of time where he could tell the future. he also has that whole protection from telepaths thing and a hypnotic charm that allows him to sweet talk anyone into his favour provided they don't already know about said charm.

      but in their gambit video they treated him as if he only threw cards at people (and kind of ignored the fact that even then they explode with the power of a grenade)

      basically what I'm saying is they aren't going on what's useful they're just creating an entirely mockable interpretation of the characters for comedic purposes, even the most powerful mutants can be made to seem useless of you simplify their abilities. I mean charles himself is just a cripple who can read minds, and even then he can be rendered entirely irrelevant by the use of a helmet.

    Uh oh... the comic fan backlash has begun.

    Ok Pete you had your fun, and we laughed along some, but now, now you're going too far. Too far we tell you.

      Haha, I reckon its more that its just not as funny as it used to be. It took a pretty steep dive down unfunny lane

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