There Is Still A Rambo Video Game And It Looks... I'll Let You Decide!

Like many of you, I'd forgotten there was a Rambo game in development, which is strange because it's GODDAMN RAMBO. But yes, this game still exists. It was actually set for release this holiday season but was recently delayed into 2014. It looks... well just watch it and make up your own mind!

It's not... great. My feeling is that it looks bad, but I will probably still play it.

Apparently the developers have acquired the audio from the movies as opposed to using actual voice actors for the game, and have created a game that plays out some of the major scenes from the first three Rambo games. Sounds... not good.

It's a shame because a really well made Rambo game based on the first movie — ala Metal Gear Solid 3 — could have been incredible. This game just looks a little rough around the edges and as a fan of Rambo that's disappointing.


    He looks like Ray Romano in a bad wig.

      It makes me wonder if they just couldn't/wouldn't get the rights and permission to use Sly's face...

    Whoa, explody bodies!

      I know - first it was the heads and then they go all out and show us total body explosions... from gunfire.

      This is going to be shit - and a cult classic at the same time - for being shit.

        I don't think what I'm thinking of is considered a cult classic, but it's sort of giving me a vibe similar to the Jaws game on the PS2 in that it was clunky but ridiculous in the best way because it was pretty much GTA except you're a shark.

        Last edited 06/11/13 1:44 pm

    Is it dedicated to the "brave Mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan"?

    Why is he so shiny all the time?

    Yessss this looks amazing, like the sharknado of video games !!!

    Looks like this is going to be the best looking game of 2003.

    All I can think of is, "why you so sweaty?"

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