This Game Boy Themed Hipflask Is An Alcoholic's Dream

The hip flask. The last refuge of the desperate. A video game red potion brought to life. If you are a fan of boozing in completely inappropriate places you need one of these bad boys stat. The appeal of the hip flash is its subtlety. You want to hide it somewhere, to hide your drinking. This is why, if you're a total alcoholic, you need this hip flask disguised as an old school Game Boy.

Think about it man — no one will ever suspect. Ever. Genius.

You can pick this hip flask up for $20 on Think Geek.

Via Gizmodo


    YES. I lost my flask and this is perfect! Not that I booze it up in inappropriate places but sometimes they're just handy, y'know?

    My wife got me a hip flask a few years ago. I never used it. It just seemed like a slippery slope to a bad place.

      I had a very classy-looking hip-flask. A nice, curved shape, sleek metal with a black leather covering. Got me through working at Telstra, but otherwise, yeah, it barely saw any other use.

        I rocked up stoned a few times when I was there. I was crushed when I realised that it didn't make a difference and I was just as productive as before. Even talking to co-workers, I don't think anyone noticed. Shows you what a weird place it was to work, would've been blindingly obvious at every other workplace I've been in.

      It just seemed like a slippery slope to a bad place.

      It is.... (◞‸◟;)

      This is kind of nerdy/geeky but idk if we need to turn everything into a nerdy/geeky thing.

      Last edited 01/11/13 11:59 am

        What does that symbol mean?

          I have no idea, but it looks like something round and long'ish which is looking downcast.

    I'm going to create a new word for this... "Hipsterflask".

    The people saying this is a slippery slope are fools, all true alcoholics drink from the bottle.

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