This Is Valve's Steam Machine Prototype

This Is Valve's Steam Machine Prototype

Via The Seattle Times, here's your first look at Valve's Steam Machine prototype — a super-high-end machine that will be sent out to 300 beta testers later this year. (Those are Valve employees standing with it: from left to right, Eric Hope, Anna Sweet, Greg Coomer and D.J. Powers.)

If you're one of the lucky few beta testers, you'll get that massive piece of hardware alongside Valve's crazy controller for testing this fall.

As for the rest of us, well, The Seattle Times reports that we'll see a variety of different Steam Machines announced at CES in January, to be sold starting in mid-2014. We've already got at least some idea of what will be offered.


    Doesnt look much bigger than most of the next gen consoles.
    Although it looks ugly as sin.

      Reminds me of the ugly as sin PC cases of the late 90s/early 2000's to be honest.

        Looks to me like a cross between XBox 360, PS2, and the next-gen consoles (which are virtually indistinguishable from each other).

      I does have that "I used to have one of these sitting under my monitor" feel to it, doesn't it? At least it has that funky internal partitioning thing to help manage the heat.

      Last edited 05/11/13 11:59 am

        I think it's just a pancaked-out mini-ITX case which is exactly all it needs to be. Something that can sit underneath your TV and play games quietly, without giving off the "neckbeard with a PC tower decked in decals and LEDs in his living room" vibe.

    4 employees, minus soldier = 3
    Number of fingers visible in painting (ignore thumb) = 3

      3 pairs of black shoes, 3 male genitals ... you could be on to something.

      (Let's pretend) The angle of the street-view out the window makes them clearly on the 3rd floor.

    If it doesn't come in steampunk style and does not produce steam while being played, I'm not buying.


    I'm not overly fussed about the hardware. It'll be good, or it won't.
    Give me that fucking controller. It's by far the most interesting thing Valve have done in recent months, in my opinion, and I'm majorly keen to give it a bash.

      Yeah the hardware is pretty much a done deal, its a PC so unless you get a dud component you're grand. The OS and the controller are the particularly interesting things

    Have they mentioned anything about when they'll announce who they selected as beta testers? Sure we've each got a 1 in 80000 odd chance but that's a lot better than most competitions...

    People its a prototype. has anyone seen what the XBone and the PS5 looked like before they where released.

    You want something horrifying look at the early prototype controller. they are so horriable they just beg to be killed.
    many had track balls.

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