This Man Built The Best Suit Of Skyrim Armour Ever

As anyone who spent any amount of time building up their smithing ability will tell you, the Dragon Bone armour in Skyrim is a pretty big deal. This guy, who made Dragon Bone armour, pretty much from scratch, has 100 smithing ability in real life.

Incredibly this was his first attempt at building any kind of cosplay/armour style thing ever. The fact that he managed to pull it off is pretty incredible. I fully recommend you head to his imgur post for more info on how it was all done, but we'll provide the cliff notes version here.

First he cut out some stuff...

Then he started building the parts themselves.

After some serious paint and texture work, he had something that looked like this...

Then there's this helmet.

And things started to come together...

Eventually it looked like this:

Like I said, this is just the cliff notes. The creator goes into a bunch more detail with probably a dozen more photos on his process. You should really check out the whole thing. It looks amazing.


    Pepakura is amazing.

      So, so painstaking though. I can't imagine building an entire suit of armour with it. The helmet I've been noodling with on and off has taken long enough and I'm still just gluing bits of paper together.

        Yeah, I've built two Iron Man helmets and I'm working on a Hawkeye outfit (Pepakura + Foam). Just using the paper and fiberglassing is crazy hard.

    I've done a HD version of Masterchief's helmet in Pepekura before. 2 weeks of evenings, 3-4hrs per night, cutting, scoring, folding and gluing. Went to fiberglass it and it melted. Never again :'(

      Ack. What kind of glue were you using?

        used hot glue and superglue, think the fiberglass resin was too heavy and generated a bunch of heat which might have unglued some of the panels, leading to catastrophic failure. Oh well!

      not sure HD is applicable to real life objects lol!

        lol! HD reference was more in regards to the number of faces and level of detail present in the 3D model - there were maybe 3 or 4 different helmets you could make at the time, all at various levels of detail. The one I made was top tier, hence the HD moniker.

    Now this is giving me the itch to put something together for PAX next year. Damn it.

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