This Week In Games: The PS4 Is Coming (And Mario!)

Happy PS4 (and Mario) week! There's a lot coming out this week as you might expect, what with the launch of a brand new console and all. I'll have a full look at the PS4 later this week, but I will say that I am enjoying it a lot so far. Especially Assassin's Creed IV. So glad I waited for next-gen to play it. So. Good.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (PS4)

What is it? It's the new Assassin's Creed IV on PS4! Should you care? I know. ACIII sucked. This one doesn't. I spent the weekend playing this almost exclusively on PS4 and it is amazing. Might actually be my favourite game of the year.

Battlefield 4 (PS4)

What is it? It's Battlefield 4 on the PS4! Should you care? I dunno. This always seemed like a PC thing to me. I've always found it hard to get into Battlefield on consoles.

Call of Duty: Ghosts (PS4)

What is it? It's Call of Duty: Ghosts on PS4! Should you care? Yeah, I guess. It's alright I suppose.

FIFA 14 (PS4)

What is it? It's FIFA 14 on PS4! Should you care? Actuallym next gen FIFA is sort of quite good really.

Killzone: Shadow Fall (PS4)

What is it? It's Killzone on PS4! Should you care? I have played roughly an hour of this and it looks amazing. I also really like the way the game starts. But yeah, Killzone games have never been perfect.

Knack (PS4)

What is it? It's Knack, on PS4! Should you care? Haven't had the chance to play this yet, but early reviews were not positive.

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (PS4)

What is it? It's LEGO Marvel Super Heroes on PS4! (This 'joke' is getting old fast...) Should you care? I think it's pretty good. One of the better LEGO games. It is still just a LEGO game though.

Madden NFL 25 (PS4)

What is it? SPORTSBALL: THE VIDEO GAME. Should you care? I don't like NFL, your mileage may vary.

NBA 2K14 (PS4)

What is it? The ball of baskets in video game form. Should you care? This looked good when I saw it, but I just don't feel like I'm in a good position to judge a basketball game.

NBA Live 14 (PS4)

What is it? Please see above. Should you care? Please see above.

Need For Speed: Rivals (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? The new Need for Speed thing on next-gen. Should you care? Apparently this is pretty good!

One Piece: Romance Dawn (3DS)

What is it? An RPG based on the super popular manga/anime One Piece. Should you care? I dunno. I would expect this to be a bit mediocre. For fans of the show only, I guess.

Power Rangers Megaforce (3DS)

What is it? WAT? Should you care? I can't believe they made another Power Rangers game. In this day and age...

Professional Farmer 2014 (PC)

What is it? It's a farming simulator! Should you care? I am so glad this exists. I honestly could see this being a lot of fun!

Rugby League Live 2 - World Cup Edition (360/PS3)

What is it? I though this came out last week? Should you care? It's just Rugby League Live 2 with some bells and whistles in time for the World Cup.

Super Mario 3D World (Wii U)

What is it? OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD. Should you care? Sorry, I am a bit excited for this. Can't really hold back. Yes, you should totally care. Might even be worth buying a Wii U for.

Zoo Tycoon (360)

What is it? I didn't know this was coming out on the 360, but there you go! Should you care? Apparently this is actually quite a bit of fun.


    Looking forward to Pirate's Creed and Super Mario 3D World! (And PS4, of course!)

      Pirate's Creed is so, so good.

        I've been playing it non-stop and it does not disappoint.

        I concur, I've played only a minimal amount of it on ps3, helping my wife upgrade the jackdaw and stayed away whilst she was progressing through the story. But it is alot of fun, I highly anticipate it on the ps4......... I'm very excited

      I have the AC4 PS4 box sitting on my loungeroom floor, just waiting for the console to arrive!

        Wen you get your Box? im still waiting for my black chest edition did you get from ubisoft??

          When I went to go pay off my PS4 at eb on thursday they mentioned that I could pick it up then. I got the buccaneer edition

    I WANNA play Super Mario 3D World.
    But that'd entail setting up my Wii U again and with my Xbox One rocking up today I'm running out of places to put consoles. I'll probably still buy it at least.

      I ended up deciding to trade in my Wii U so I could get an XBox One. Would've loved to have played SM3DW, but I couldn't justify keeping it to play one game, Smash Bros. and Mario Kart are still ages away.

        Errrr and the Xbox apparently has games? All I see are boring FPSs, a racing game, a QTE game and a badly reviewed zombie game. About as exciting as staring at a wall. More like anything good on Xbox/PS4 is ages away - Wii U has better games as it stands

    I'm sure Call Of Duty on PS4 has been out for over a week.

    Really hope I'm gonna be able to get a PS4 this week. I'm really enjoying the XBox One games I've got, but I'd love to get a PS4 as well.

      I'm getting the ps4 Friday and I'm hoping the 360 and ps3 with 26 games trade for decent amount as I wouldn't mind getting the xbone as well

        Good luck, I traded in a Wii U with two games, and about 30 XBox 360 and PS3 games, even with a 50% extra credit birthday voucher I only got enough to get the XBox One console itself, had to put in extra money for games.

        But if you do happen to get an XBone, I reccomend Ryse, Dead Rising 3, and Forza 5. Beware though, because Forza has a 6 GB update.

        dude i traded in nearly 35 games and had to haggle to get $280 dont get hopes up. but im rooting for you!!!!!!

          Didn't have my hopes up but will probably wait till Christmas and try to sell them my self till then I'm not in any rush to get a Xbox one really only want one to play some forza, titan fall as my CPU might blow up playing that and bf4,halo,

    "I can’t believe they made another Power Rangers game. In this day and age…"? You know Power Rangers is still airing and has it's hyped-up 20th anniversary season next year, right?

      Every time I casually take the piss out of something I am always having to eat crow! Sorry, I did not know that!

      To be honest - although I'm aware Power Rangers is still running - I can't believe it either.

    Resisted the urge to get an Xbox this week merely to faff around with Dead Rising 3 / Ryse. Was kinda hoping the PS4's initial launch lineup would be stronger; your praise of ACIV gives me new hope though, perhaps things aren't all that bad.

    I'm so giddy for my ps4 this week! I also want to pick up Zelda at some point! And I've never been a Mario fan ever (although original SMB was pretty great) but I'm definitely picking up 3D world at some point!

    I sure will be gaming hard Friday onwards!

    Power Rangers Megaforce (3DS)
    What is it? WAT?
    Should you care? I can’t believe they made another Power Rangers game. In this day and age…

    Power Rangers has been back since 2011 with Power Rangers Samurai and the brand (once again owned and produced by Saban Brands after getting the license back from Disney) is enjoying a resurgence in the American markets. Which is probably why the new game was made.

    Personally, it's a shame that I started watching the Sentai series version from Shinkenger (Samurai) because I can't really enjoy the Power Ranger remakes of the Japanese stories. I still pray that their version of Gokaiger (Super Megaforce) is somewhat decent.

    Other than all that.... ZOMG PS4 THIS WEEK!!!! I'M FINALLY PICKING UP MY CONSOLE THAT I PAID $100 OF MY OWN MONEY FOR!!! (Long story short. $200 giftcard from EB Games, $100 paid by a family member who owed me money, $150 from trading in my iPhone4)

    Last edited 25/11/13 10:26 am

      Please see above for me eating crow every time I take the piss out of something! I did not know that! Hahaha!

        Relax bro, just being informative. I actually agree with your comment about them making a game about Power Rangers; going from past games, this is doomed to be horrible lol

    Ooo. Why should I settle for normal old Farming Simulator 2013, when I could be a time travelling Professional Farmer, in 2014? Though I mock it, people do find a lot of ways to have some neat fun in these games. Mainly by doing things that aren't farming.

    Last edited 25/11/13 10:27 am

    Will pick up Knack, LEGO and maybe PirAssCre IV... then wait for my Killzone bundle to come in a few weeks later...

      I was going to call it AssPirate's Creed, but was worried it might be misconstrued.

        Lol fully, sounds like a bad name for a gay bar!

    Definitely looking forward to Super Mario 3D World, will be a lot of fun to see how it stacks up to Mario Galaxy.

    Mark, you have convinced me to add AC4 to my list of PS4 game pickups this Friday... Some of the screenshots of beautiful blue open waters were tipping me towards the edge... Thanks for pushing me over! ^_^

      All of my PS4 time has been spent with this game so far. So good.

        I believe when the game is merely mentioned, you automatically mouth the words "So good." :P

        I feel so ashamed that I never finished ACIII, so much so I can't bring myself to play this game.

          AC3 was crap though. Black Flag looks amazing though.

          Anyways, no more Desmond stuff and I think there are little ties to 3.

          I gave up on that game *early*. No need to bother.

    assassin's 4 was actually available last week for PS4... i've got my copy already lol

      Ah ok, I picked up my PS4 CoD Ghosts from JB last Wednesday, I think the worldwide embargo's are lifted... Or they like to tease us with a game we cannot yet enjoy =)

    Does anyone know what the chances are of being able to get hold of a PS4 if we haven't preordered? I was assuming it would be impossible, except the fact that you can still get Xbox One's after their release gives me hope.

      From what I can tell no. In fact, I think at EB and JB you can't even get one this year anymore.

      I had to pre-order over a month ago just to guarantee I'll recieve sometime during the 4 days before christmas. Hoping there's some surprise excess stock and I make it into the first release!

      Unlikely, but I suppose it depends on your area. I would think the delay of Watchdogs weakening the launch lineup would have dropped a number of preorders, but it appears that even the more recent JB-HIFI "December shipment" has run out as well, and you're looking at 2014 for retail pickup. Average price of a release-day console on eBay is around $750.

      People are snapping (or have snapped) it up faster than they did with the PS2. Xbox One had considerably less preorders in a short window of time, so they have plenty more retail stock on-hand.
      If it makes you feel any better (in the event that you decide to wait for the next shipment or until you can get your hands on one), some of the meatier launch titles are due in February anyway.

      Jb as called me twice now to confirm I'm still interested in buying my ps4 so they must making sure if you're buying and if not selling to someone else

      U can pre order a ps4 for a late December shipment (hopefully beofre Christmas) at Big W, other than that, everywhere I've looked is sold out.

    I had a go of Knack at a Dick Smith. Seems really limited in the gameplay department. It seemed to be a few levels in, and there was only a jump and punch button.

      I spent maybe 15 mins on it. You can transform later on too. Dunno, t'was the demo so could be very early release.

        From playing knack at eb expo and dicksmith it does havesome nice mechanics which the eb expo demo explored more than the dicksmith demo unit

    Since my PS4 collection at launch is going to be all FPS since Watch Dogs was delayed, i was looking at Ass Creed, I absolutely hated 2, never played 3, but reports are saying this is the best AC ever...I wonder

      Why'd you have to abbreviate it at Ass Creed :P

        Better than Ass Bro - Assassins Creed Brotherhood haha

          brilliant. :P
          Or Ass Revelations

          Last edited 25/11/13 1:54 pm

    PS4 arriving from EB on Friday. My PS Camera is sitting waiting, and my AC4 was sent by Ozgameshop last week, along with FIFA. If my other launch games don't arrive in time for the weekend I'll be checking out Contrast and Resogun for sure. (Oh, and hopefully making a dent in my massive PS3 backlog).

    Gonna get my daughter Super Mario 3D World for Christmas. Should be fun to watch her play.

    PS4 woooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!
    That and I just got a LE Zelda 3DS.
    Damn this time of year. Better hide from the Steam sale.

    Spontaneously ordered a Wii U yesterday (as they were sold out. Who would've thunk it?!), and the gf is getting me a PS4 on Friday. Uni exams also wrap up this Thursday. It's gonna be a gooood week people.

    Spoilers: At some point over the last 20 years, Zordon killed himself to remove all evil from the universe, subsequently turning Rita Ripulsa and Lord Zedd into humans. Later, Rita turned into a good witch or something, and helped out the Rangers do something else.

    Evidentally, Zordon didn't remove ALL evil, or else we wouldn't be here.

      Get a recap through Linkaras Power Rangers retrospective.

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