This Xbox One Takes Around 13 Seconds To Boot Up

This Xbox One Takes Around 13 Seconds To Boot Up

Microsoft's Larry Hryb has posted a short clip showcasing how long it takes an Xbox One to boot up from a Kinect voice command.

I timed it at 13.3 seconds. That's going from the moment he stops talking to the point where the dashboard pops up ready for user input, which seems to me the most practical passage of time. (Feel free to chime in with your own timings if my trigger finger is sloppy!)

Hryb says it "happens faster than it takes to find your controller". I don't know, I timed that too; it was around four seconds.

On the bright side, it then took my 2007 Elite 360 around 117 minutes to boot up once I'd hit the button, so this seems like progress from where I'm sitting.

Note: this is one console, using Kinect as a boot-up. Don't go taking this to the bank that all consoles will boot in this time under all circumstances.

You can watch the whole sequence below. Power up (and sign in) to #XboxOne with Kinect. [Xbox]


    117 minutes? Is this a mistake, or is the author implying their elite doesn't work.

    On topic: 13 seconds boot time is pretty awesome.

      My elite which I've had since day one takes about 45 seconds to boot up.

      I have never times the wiiU but it's not long. 13seconds is kinda standard isn't it?

        My 360 takes a while to boot. Upwards of 30 seconds.

          Fair call, I just timed the wiiU and it's 23 seconds

          My Xbox 360 S takes about 2 minutes to boot to the dashboard. It's time to send it in for repairs.

      117 is the master chiefs number... Just saying

      You know it was sarcastic exageration right?

        No - I'm actually pretty sure its a typo. It's Plunkett after all.

    So if this happens faster than finding your controller, does that make Microsofts official boot time over 30 seconds for us Aussies who don't get the Xbox On command?

    Just let us use it Microsoft, I don't really care if it works for shazza and bazza in far north Queensland or not.

    Last edited 15/11/13 8:03 am

      Last I heard we got voice functionality. Even though they initially announced we wouldn't, but since that announcement there was one saying we do... Oh well I'll find out next Friday.

        I think from the last announcement it was pretty much everything except Xbox On? It's hard to keep up when they keep changing it.

    "Hryb says it “happens faster than it takes to find your controller”. I don’t know, I timed that too; it was around four seconds."

    ... all you people without kids...

      Children would just take away from the time the Mrs. and I can spend having a great time... Not losing controllers...

        Until her biological clock kicks in lol

          Nope we are still arguing over which one of us goes for the snip.

            I got the snip last Jan, its much easier for the guy to get it....even though I had a slight complication it was all good :D

    Hey, isn't that the SONY 4K TV? :D

      Close... It's a samsung
      They must of got it with a Brack Friday bunduru

        Nah dude, that's the Sony X9004A. You can even see where they taped the logo.

    That time between when he says "Xbox, on" and something comes up on the screen is just long enough that I think I would say it again.

      HDMI CEC isn't that quick on my TV, I think the Xbox would be on before my TV had turned on lol.

        Good point, actually, It didn't click that the TV was turned off.

        EDIT: Just watched it again - the light on the kinect turns on at the same time as the TV. There's still a delay.

        As @dogman said though, I'll probably just reach for the controller. The only time I use the "OK, Google" command is when I'm driving.

        Last edited 15/11/13 10:14 am

      Yeah. I'm guessing there's a light on the console that will tell you it's thinking. That said I don't really picture myself using an XBOX on command to start it up. I feel like a tool talking to machines in english. I'll probably just go with pressing the on button or using the guide button on the XBOX One controller. Like a god damn savage.

        What language do you prefer to speak to machines in? Klingon?

          Their own. =P Button presses. It's a lot clearer and faster.

    I don't leave my controllers lying on the couch like some bum, I like the fact I can starting booting while I get the controller......i like the fact I also don't need the TV remote.

    Yes, I have 4 kids so keeping the controllers and remotes in the cabinet is a must!

    I must amit, I will like switching both TV and console on with a voice command. Albeit it might be freaky-weird in the beginning.

    Though if it's anything like windows in a month it'll take 3 minutes to boot.

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