Thor Actor Visits Kid's Hospital. In Armour.

Thor Actor Visits Kid's Hospital. In Armour.

Jaimie Alexander plays Lady Sif in the Thor movies. She recently visited the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, but instead of going as Jaimie Alexander, she went as Lady Sif. Sword, armour, the works.

OK, so maybe it's not quite as cool as having Thor himself turn up, but it's still pretty damn cool. Especially since that sword looks kinda real.

Lady Sif Visits the Children's Hospital Los Angeles [Marvel, via Super Punch]


    No I'm pretty sure if I was in hospital I would prefer her visiting me than Thor.

    I only just saw Thor 2 earlier today actually. She was really cool in this movie! And so was Thor's mother. And I know Jane Foster and Darcy get a lot of hate on the Internet but I like them both too! I think I just really like this movie! Exclamation marks!

    Jaime Alexander is lovely. I really enjoyed her in Kyle XY.

    Why would kids in hospital be wearing armour?

      That's her shield, which you know he was given after asking to hold the sword.

        Haha. Zing. But I was talking about the title of the article, not the kid pictured

    There's a story going around that she was asked to audition for Wonder Woman, but was denied because of her contractual agreement with Marvel. A pity, she'd make an *amazing* Wonder Woman... so goddamn beautiful and feminine whilst keeping an amazingly strong and confident air about her.

      Im also of the opinion James Spader would be perfect for Lex Luthor...

    If I'm crook in Hospital, I'm sorry but Thor can get stuffed! I'd rather get a visit from Lady Sif!
    I'm sure there's a line or two about Hammer of the Gods and lose fitting pants....
    But, that would be inappropriate.

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