Tickets For PAX Australia Are Now On Sale!

Tickets For PAX Australia Are Now On Sale!

Late last month we found out where next year’s PAX Australia would be held and when. Now tickets for the event are on sale.

PAX Australia is taking place at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 31 until November 2. This new space has allowed for an increase in the size of the event itself, with 50% addition space on the show floor and three times the area available in terms of theatre space.

Your typical one day and three day passes will still be available, but this time PAX Australia is making a new international three day pass, making it easier for overseas folks to visit the event.

One of the major issues raised after the PAX Australia 2014 announcement was the issue of the time clash with the Melbourne Cup. Spaces at hotel were a major issue, but according to Guy Blomberg a number of hotel rooms have already been reserved exclusively for PAX Australia attendees. You can book through PAX Australia’s partner OzAccom. More information on that can be found here

“It’s going to be a busy week in Melbourne, we’re aware of that. That’s why we’ve bulk booked thousands and thousands of hotel rooms in the CBD just for PAX Aus attendees,” said Guy Blomberg, PAX Aus Content & Community Manager.

For more information on the event itself head to the official PAX Australia website.


  • As much as it hurts to say, I’m gonna skip this one. The third Hobbit film premiere in NZ is going to take financial priority,

  • Hmm, I bought a 3 day pass last time, and didn’t even end up going on the Sunday because I’d seen the whole hall and I was almost certain I’d be lucky to make it into one of the shows, if any at all… Couple that with the fact there’s no schedule out yet, and I think I’ll wait to see if I really want to go again…

    • It’s fun just to sit at the board gaming tables all day and play games, if you’re into them. That’s what I did for the majority of my 3 days this year.

      Got mine 😀 Now just to book accommodation and flights.

      • Yeah, we were playing Saboteur at one table, and then got kicked out and told to find somewhere else to play by one of the MTG staffers, because “this area is only for MTG players”

  • I AM GOING!! I am so excited. I chose Oz ComicCon this year over PAX and have regretted it ever since.

  • I really hate how these guys do business.

    How the hell am I supposed to know my availability one year in advance?

    And if I don’t have a schedule how can I possibly pick one of the days? The schedule won’t be out for another 10 months.

    This is like buying tickets to a concert without knowing who’s playing… Eg. Soundwave, 6 months in advance but with over half the bands announced before tickets went on sale, including major headlining acts.

    Not to mention is also spring carnival and exam time.

    • +1

      Picking a day for the last PAX was like spinning a wheel, no way to know what panels will fall on the day you choose.

      I missed all the panels I was interested in on the day due to lines anyway. I found it more convenient to watch the Gearbox stream from my couch the day I didn’t attend.

    • Because you should be going for the entire event, not for a one hour panel featuring your favourite geek culture actor.

      • Some people can’t afford to spend 3 days at a convention… And I’d be mighty pissed if I paid for 3 days and saw everything I wanted to see in 1.5 days.

      • I didn’t really care for a lot of the panels at the first one, so even though I’m not going for one specific panel I’d rather plan it around the few I am interested in. I had a great time but really I only felt like I needed to be there for a day and a half.
        Although being in the city will be a lot better in that regard. I think the Showgrounds has the potential to be the better venue for it but if it were the same size as it was last time being in the city would mean I could go get some lunch and do other things to space it out and make a proper day of it. I know it sounds dumb to go to PAX to not be at PAX, but taking a break to go get a slice at Pepperoni’s works for me.

  • Oh yeah baby, I’m going this time – 3 day pass bought! Hide your wife Mark cause I’m bunking at your joint! Alright, fine, I already have accommodation booked. Gonna nerd out for a few days!

    Coming from Brisbane, so this is gonna be expensive, but whatevs – love Melbourne. I’ll probably end up marrying Hex or something 😛 Mark, you can make that happen, yeah?

    • Yeah same, but why did they have to do it around console launch time…my wallet is screaming at me! 😛

      • That’s why I use PayPal…

        Cant hear it scream then… Its just a gagged muffle I hear in the distance….

  • 2 x 3 day passes bought again!!!
    Went last year and have been eye-balling the PAX site for weeks for this day :oD

  • They picked the worst possible time to release tickets – right before two next-gen console launches. Sorry guys, I wanted to go this year and make a road trip out of it, but unless you still have tickets going next month I’ll have to pass.

  • Sadly I don’t have the money at the moment, will have to wait two weeks or so until I can purchase. But I’ll be getting my 3 day pass, no problem.

    Better that they’re holding it there. There’s a place in Melbourne called Urban Central I stayed at this year. Wasn’t bad – shared rooms if you’re really tight, and it’s very close to it as well. I wasn’t the only one who did that too – lots of other attendees there.

    Looking at the prices – have they gone up?

    Get your schwag early nexts year as well peeps. If it’s anything like this year.

    • Prices appear to be the same, though I think maybe the single days have gone up to $55 from $50? I can’t quite remember, but pretty sure they were $50 ea.

  • As someone that went all three days this year, I can say that while attending as many things as I could, I didn’t see everything. I didn’t bother with most theatres, due to lines and lack of enough interest. Regardless, PAX was a blast and next year it could only be better + a bigger/better venue.

    Here’s to hoping Valve make an attendance, albeit unlikely.

  • I went this year, but it’s pretty unlikely that I’ll ever go again. I’m paid by the hour these days, which has led me to developing a habit of calculating how much everything I do is costing me, particularly when I have to take time off to do it.

    Given that the vast majority of what I did at PAX was “waiting in line”, it really wasn’t worth it.

    • Is it really that bad? I hate lines, but I’m not interested in these ‘panels’ so much. Can you give me a rundown of what I’m gonna be looking at?

      • Other than panel/theatre lines, everything else was fine. You may have a queue to get into the gaming area, but all the exhibitors were fair game. I didn’t really experience much queues.

      • We went over to the hall where the Gearbox talk was at this year, and went to line up by the entrance, thinking we were the only ones lining up an hour beforehand… we were then told by an enforcer that the line actually got moved to the entrance hall due to the length of said line, and if we hadn’t lined up 2 hours ago (so 3 hours before the panel) then not to bother because the hall would hit capacity before we got in…

        • I simply do not give enough fucks about some people talking about junk to wait 3 hrs on my feet. Thanks for the tip.

          How’s the other stuff? All I hear is waiting time to enter, or to go to panels. Is the rest of the stuff easily accessible?

          • I’d give a chance at least and this is coming from someone who too had a bad experience with one line. It was a lot of the organizers first time, I’d give em leeway.

          • Everything else was pretty good. Some of the bigger titles had some wait time to play their demos (like the Saints Row 4 area) but nothing too bad.

            Put it this way… if you want to go to PAX to play games with people (whether video games, tabletop or whatever else), it’s going to be a great weekend.

            Also regarding panels, apparently the new venue will allow for more people in the panel rooms. Not sure how much more as I’ve never been to the Convention Centre in Melbourne, but hey, it’s bigger, right?

  • who ever decided that just launching the ticket sales to a massive gaming event, 2 weeks prior to the launch of the next major iteration of consoles is a complete idiot. How many people are going to be either saving their money for the consoles and games or saving for christmas things?

    Pisses me off no end

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