Time For Another Big TF2 Update

Valve kicks off something called "Two Cities". There ares new maps, new weapons and new achievements.


    I feel that TF2 has become so bloated with extra items and other junk that it lost it's charm that it had after the first lot of weapon updates. Now it just feels off, to me at least

      I disagree. Also cheers luke f9r saying this, now o can update my server befpre work.

      There's a community patch to hide all the superficial items. If I go back to TF2 over summer I'll probably install it.

      I also disagree.

    "there ares"
    Proof read your "articles"... If you could call this an article...

    Last edited 22/11/13 1:51 pm

      Easy Myth, there's a lot to read through ;)

        I couldn't imagine a single Kotaku "journalist" getting through an article of such enormity and still have time to proof read it.

    Man TF2 jumped the shark for me back when sniper got a bow and hat.

    It's just a bit of a shame that these updates are geared to MvM - still, I'm certainly not knocking Valve's continued support of a game that's....7 years old? Ye gods.

    That's how you do it, EActivision.

      yeah but if you continue supporting an old game then how are you supposed to release a new version with like 4 changes every year for $110? + $60 worth of DLC maps that were in the last game.

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