Update: PAX Australia 3-Day Passes Now Completely Sold Out

It took just 24 hours. Earlier this morning we reported that 3-day passes for PAX Australia were 90% sold out. We can now report that now they are completely sold out.

As I mentioned before, I am very surprised. The whole Melbourne Cup clash, the fact that tickets went on sale early and the whole increased allocation thing — I thought business might have been a little slower but nope. All gone.


    As I mentioned before, I am very surprised. The whole Melbourne Cup clash, the fact that tickets went on sale early and the whole increased allocation thing — I thought business might have been a little slower but nope. All gone.

    If you look at the times, it is very close when compared to PAX 2013 ticket release times
    and I dont know about anyone else but I would go to PAX any day over Melb Cup!

      Melbourne cup would be on a different day anyway. I think the concerns about the whole clashing aspect is more that it will be much harder to secure accommodation

        To be completely honest, I didnt even give accommodation a though
        I will be walking to PAX

        Melbourne Cup is two days after PAX finishes, but there is another important race on the Saturday; Derby Day.
        The target markets for each are different, but you've correctly identified that accommodation is the issue.

    I went to buy it and they were sold out. I got 3x one day passes instead. Lucky I got that.

      Now you've just got to make sure you take the right ones on the right days. =P

        I had 3 one day passes this year, and I just brought all three to all three days.

    Increased allocation might have all gone to single day passes for all we know. I wonder how the numbers stack up.

      It is very possible. They also split the 3 day passes into domestic and international, so that might have something to do with it.

        What is the difference between domestic and international?

          I thought it was just to do with the tax rate. Didn't think they were different allocations but the first I heard about them was when I saw it when buying my tickets

          Domestic are sent out, International are pick up at the event by presenting your passport.

          Domestic therefore are re-sellable but International are not.

          I assumed that you need to be coming in from overseas to qualify for the international pass

    I was going to wait until Monday to get it - wait for my pay, but they couldn't even hold until then. There should have been a one or two week early bird availability for previous attendees.

      I actually agree on this
      I received an email from PAX last night as I was a previous attendee
      While it would have been in time to secure tickets, if this was say, PAX East in the US, the tickets would have been gone before I ever received that email

        I think it would be unfair for previous attendees to get first pick. Maybe advance warning of "Bookings will be available in two weeks from this email".

        Sure it's nice if you're someone who did attend and wants to go again, but what if you're say, someone who missed out this year and still really wants to go?


          Because it's showing a benefit to a loyal customer. This kind of thing isn't unheard of in other conventions, and other events. Of course, they should have a limit per customer, but the idea is that those who want to go most, generally are the ones who go every year, or have supported the event in the past anyway.

    After the herculean effort that the local PAX AUS organisers accomplished in making this year's inaugural event such a success (through much hardship), this is dangerous. They did build a lot of goodwill but this has the chance to wreck a lot of it. Too early, strange time to ask for money from the target audience, not to mention travel/accommodation.

    Good luck to them next year is all we can say.

      Not sure why you are saying this is dangerous. Obviously not an issue with people spending money this time of year, they sold out already. The only real danger is if they put on a bad show, and if they do that then it wouldn't matter what time they started selling tickets.

        Though even then it would need to be a horrendously bad show for maybe a slight drop off in attendance.

        After all, look at what happened at Oz Comic con and it's still running.

          What happened at Oz Comiccon? This sounds like an interesting story.


            Essentially a cluster funk of long waiting times, poor organisation and overcrowding

    All I wanted was a couple days to mull over it and get some friends on board. Urgh... =/

    There seems to be an insatiable demand for tickets to things like this in Aus and concerts that make it a headache to get tickets to anything.

      maybe that's a sign that people should do more things here. we can only hope

      Melbourne in particular is pretty bad for it. Metallica sold out in minutes, they had to schedule additional performances. Any big event is generally sold out in a matter of hours.

    What Melbourne Cup clash? Melbourne Cup is on a TUESDAY. It's always on the first Tuesday in November.

    Annoying they put tickets on sale so far out from the event, but I want to go so I put my money down. Still don't like it. Suspect a brisk secondary market in the passes closer to the day as people realise they can't go and other people try to get the tickets they either couldn't afford now or couldn't be sure they'd be in a position to attend.

    Wow, never knew we get PAX here in OZ - neat.

    I guess they make the tickets before everyone spends their money on christmas gifts, going away on holidays, or (in my case) post-exam boozing up.

    Speaking of which, the city has a good atmosphere for drinking post-pax. Often see like minded people in onesies and what not hanging around drinking afterwards. Good times.

    If only my work had not changed to fortnightly pay last week screwing with dates an penalties I might have bought some :(

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