Glitch Gives $18 New Games To Lucky Shoppers

Walmart Glitch Gives $US18 New Games To Some Lucky Shoppers

A technical glitch led US retailer Walmart to mark down a lot of brand new video games early this morning, and, as a result, some lucky shoppers got their hands on $US60 games like Grand Theft Auto V and Battlefield 4 for just $US18 each.

The glitch, which led Walmart's website to show super-cheap prices for many products this morning, has since been fixed, and handwaved by Walmart as a "technical error". Although Walmart hasn't yet answered whether they'll be honouring all of the orders put through last night, some people were able to order items and pick them up at their local stores today.

Some say they got Walmart to honour really crazy deals — like monitors for $US9 and $US2000 TVs for just a few hundred bucks — but we could only confirm the games. Kotaku reader David sent in some photos (above) of his own haul — two copies of Battlefield 4 and two copies of Pokémon X/Y.

A whole bunch of gamers have gathered in a thread on the CheapAssGamer forums to talk about what they've snagged. One savvy shopper brought the Walmart glitch to Target and convinced them to price-match four brand new games for $US18 each.

We've reached out to Walmart to find out if they'll be honouring all of the orders.


    Lucky buggers

      Working CoD Ghosts HACK!!!

    "Bank error in your favour"

    Collect all the games :P

    Majority of the online orders have been cancelled due to the error and people given a $10 voucher.

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    We'd be happy over here if a glitched happened here that sold games for the standard US price of $60.

      Just so much win with this comment

        I used to live there, for about 3 years. It was great getting games so cheap. But people get payed WAAAY less in the USA, so it's all relative.


          As a percentage of average wage, games in Australia are actually cheaper than in the US.

          Forex rates are artificial and aren't indicative of relative cost within a domestic economy.

          Everyone cries for $60 video games! Do you want $7.25 minimum wage to go with that? How about 10 days holiday per year and no universal health care system?

          Video games are a piss in the ocean compared to the real issues of inequality between Australia and the US.

          Last edited 08/11/13 11:44 am

            Well put. When I lived in America it was staggering just how much poorer the average Yank lives compared to AUS. Not to mention I knew SO many sick people who just couldn't go to the hospital. One of my friends, died shortly after his 21st birthday, he choked during a seizure. It was the third seizure he had experienced but his mother was buried in forms trying to apply for free medical (you have to be poor enough to apply) to find out what was causing them, but it was obviously too late. It's stark contrast to my situation here, my youngest son had a bad fever a few months ago and we called out a locum to visit and prescribe him antibiotics, all for free.

            So yeah, living over there for 3 years changed my attitude towards Australia. We are incredibly lucky. Now, I gladly pay my taxes, I no longer hate our politicians as much, and I'm just generally grateful to live in such a rich and prosperous nation.

            Paying $30 extra for games? No problem.

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      Going to America later this year; going to get a PS4 for $400...And the games aren't region-locked, and the blu-ray player is included with the update :)

        I used to buy loads of US games for my Aus xbox, not a single one was region locked.

        You might have problems with the power supply though cause our power is different over here. If the PS4 power brick is external, you should be right to just buy an Aussie power brick (that's what we did for our xboxes when we travelled). If however, the power supply is internal, you'll need to have a transformer made to use it over here.

        Last edited 07/11/13 8:20 pm

        Or you could get it here for $549.00 and not need to worry about the power supply or warranty issues.

        Don't forget the 13% tax u pay at the counter, gets a whole lot closer to Aussie price of $549
        Is rather pay the bit extra and not have to worry about warranty or power issues

        For the sake of $150, is it really worth buying one in the US and having to lug it back here? It chews up half of your tax-free threshold for items you can bring back in your luggage, and is harder to pass off than pairs of shoes.
        Plus it is still unknown what regional differences will exist in units [firmware support for certain things etc...]

        With the PS3, sure, it was worth the savings. But again, it's only $150........ You would be better off buying games in the US and playing them on a local unit here. Would save more money and will cause less potential headaches.

    $8 Monitors confirmed:

    But with follow up emails:

    Dear Customer,

    Last night and this morning we experienced a technical error that caused many items to show incorrect pricing. We are working to quickly resolve the issue. Unfortunately, given the wide discrepancy in pricing, we have canceled your order.

    We apologize for the inconvenience, and will be sending you an email with a $10 e-gift card (one per customer) within the next 5 days. We appreciate your business and look forward to you visiting again soon.


    Your Customer Service Team

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