Want To Be Alone? Here’s A $600 Cardboard Box

Want To Be Alone? Here’s A $600 Cardboard Box

Maybe you want privacy. Or maybe you want to sing karaoke or talk online. Or maybe you want to be alone. Good news, there’s a box for you. A $600 box.

It’s called “danbocchi”, which is a pun on the Japanese word for “cardboard” (“danbooru” or 段ボール) and “lonely” (“bocchi” or ぼっち).

Danbocchi is a reinforced cardboard box, designed for people who sing karaoke or gamers who want to voicechat online. On average, it is soundproofed up to 30 decibels, which helps to cut down loud voices.

Danbocchi isn’t a soundproof booth, but a sound dampening one. If you live in an apartment with thin walls or reside with fussy family members, using danbocchi means that you don’t have to worry as much about talking or singing.

The danbocchi was first shown off this spring in Japan as part of a promotion for PS3 karaoke game Joysound Drive. It goes on sale later next month in Japan for ¥59,800 or around $600. Not exactly sure who is going to buy this, but hey, that’s cheaper than a wooden study box!

だんぼっち [Official Site]

Photo: だんぼっち


  • I could see this being popular amongst families with autism spectrum disorders, which often include heavy sensitivity to sound and noise. That dampening works both ways! It would be a nice, small, QUIET space exclusively occupied by one person, a godsend to many people.

  • I wouldn’t mind a slightly larger version of this for when my neighbours are being noisy.

  • If i had the money to waste, I would get this install it in a closet so I can stealth play games past 10:30. Its just too noisy in my apartment even with a headset.

    • i was gna say.. it’d do pretty well for a recording/isolation booth.. but then you can get a decent one for much less $$

  • I could actually see this being popular in Japan, where many units are very small. When you have two people sharing a space half the size of a typical Western living room, sticking one of these in a corner could be a godsend.

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