Warcraft Artist Dominates Halloween Contest With Game Of Thrones Getup

Warcraft Artist Dominates Halloween Contest With Game of Thrones Getup

Everyone, meet René Koiter. Halloween may have been three days ago, but we just caught a glimpse of his virtuoso rendering of Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones, which totally blew the curve for Blizzard's Halloween costume contest.

It's not just the body paint, the leather bracers or the twin sickle blades. Half of the costume is the physique, which Koiter pulls off splendidly. (Here's a picture of him in civilian clothes, at center, from the World of Warcraft Wiki). Koiter/Drogo credits five others (and his gym) for helping him pull off the look, but he certainly adds to it with a sustained in-character performance at Blizzard's Halloween party. See below.

Totally EPIC Khal Drogo Halloween Costume + Performance [Geeks are Sexy]

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