Warner Brothers Gets A Humble Bundle, With Lots Of Batman

First it was THQ, then EA did a nice thing by creating a Humble Bundle where all the money went to charity. Now Warner Brothers is the latest of the big publishers to create a Humble Bundle — and it features a lot of Batman and a lot of F.E.A.R.

So yes, it's another AAA style Humble Bundle, which I think is a good thing because I was beginning to get the sense that we were running out of indie games to use!

The Warner Brothers bundle features...

- Batman: Arkham Asylum - Batman: Arkham City - F.E.A.R. 2 - F.3.A.R - Scribblenauts Unlimited - Lord of the Rings: War in the North

The bundle has raised over $1 million already and the average purchase is sitting at $4.51. My favourite part is the fact that someone called "Bruce Wayne (definitely not Batman)" paid $2,100 for it!


    That was my favourite part too, definitely made me smile.

    I don't like that the big guys could potentially crowd out the indie guys in this scene, though, if they all keep doing this. I've come across some really cool games I knew nothing about through these bundles, and it would be sad if indie bundles became less frequent to make way for more of these.

    However I think the humble bundle team are determined to keep the indie support alive. So hopefully we can continue to get cool indie games AND cheap AAA games. Win/win!

    Has anyone considered the psychological implications of these humble bundles. If gamers are only willing to pay less than $5 for 6 titles, what does that say about us? That's less than $1 per title.

      The way I see it, they're offered on a "pay what you will" basis to encourage a large quantity of donations. It's an incentive to get people to donate to charity and you can make sure that the humble bundle guys and the publishers don't receive anything if you prefer. Regardless, the charity gets some money from donations that probably wouldn't happen otherwise.

      Most people use it as a means to get extremely cheap games, myself included. But they wouldn't put the games up for the bundle if they weren't prepared for that, and this is like the 20th bundle they've done if you include all the weekly/book/android bundles. If the model wasn't working for them they would have adjusted it by now.

        Good point. Apart from Scribblenauts Unlimited all the games in this bundle are 2 years old, so their sales would be dwindling to the point that they can go on sale for single dollar digits. Steam/GreenmanGaming have had the Fears and Batmans for less than $10 recently.

        Oh yeah, don't get me wrong. The idea is fantastic and the end result is great: Namely that the charity gets the money. I was just curious what it said about gamers and human nature in general when people are only willing to pay such a small amount.

        Does it mean that's what they actually value it at? Or is just that we're all stingy by nature and save but getting it for free, we try to pay the lowest possible amount.

          Well. For me I think that games should cost around $30. There is NO reason for them to cost $50-100. Especially now that most are only on production for 2 years.

            Keep in mind that most games produced to a AAA standard at the moment actually lose money, even at the current high price point.

            A reduced cost may lead to increased sales, but it's unlikely that halving the price would triple sales. (Doubling sales would not be sufficient - they need to pay other costs and the retailer margin out of the same sale price.)

            I'm not saying I WANT high prices, just that there is actually good reason for them.

              In AU we have $100 prices on $49US games. $49 is a fair price, still a little high, but more than acceptable. There is NO justifiable reason why games on steam (well new ones) psn and live have such a mark up. I know games are expensive to make. Just be aware that we are getting ripped off.

              Last edited 06/11/13 10:46 pm

          I don't think it does. I think it's only natural to balk at spending more than necessary. You could reasonably argue it's against nature to be charitable in the first place, using my own logic, but I guess Humble Bundles are an akward combination of give and get.

          What really repulses me is that ever since the inception humble bundle, where you can buy the games for a few bucks (or even just one dollar if you don't want the extras) some people still just turn around and put them up on torrent sites. Seriously, anyone with a computer can afford $1 for some indie games, especially when a cut of the proceeds to go charity.

      There used to be this guy out in a small town in the country that did horse rides for a small donation. He started it with set amounts but ended up changing it to pay what you like. He ended up getting far more donations with the pay what you like model. People told him it put less pressure on them and they felt they were getting way more value when they could pay what they thought it was worth.

      Make anything with this payment model though and I think the vast majority will pay a small amount. It's not gamers nature, its human nature.

      With every bundle I've bought I've been interested in only 1 game, with the others being somewhat intriguing but not titles I would normally pay any money for. So I usually set my amount to what I think a good "On Sale" price would be for the game(s) that I actually intend to play.

      It's not a perfect system, but it does mean that the other game developers get a small amount of money from me that they would otherwise never see.

      Bundled games are usually in their long tail period, so anything that boosts revenue for a little while is good for the developers. If we were seeing new releases in these bundles then there would be an issue, but once a game has been out for a couple of years then it's usually had its day in the sun. It's no longer about what the game is worth so much as how the developer can leverage an existing asset to increase cash flow for a short period.

    You don't get the old XXXXX-YYYYY-ZZZZZ keys now, but you get 2 choices:
    1) Redeem directly to your Steam account
    2) Gift them via email. Recipient then redeems via Steam.

    Already had the Batman's so I'll be gifting those.

    I'd totally buy this but I actually own all these games already. A very worthy charity too.

      gift it to someone, i'd spend $5 on someone for all these games. Or, $1 five times for a bunch of people

      I own 4 out of 6 of them. I still did it though :D

    I never would have bought these games in the first place so I'll buy this bundle and the team 17 if it's still on sale when I get home tonight

      Indeed. And I was hesitant to buy them even at that nice price, until I realised it was for charity. It's like a donation, but you get free games.

      This one time a Christian asked me if I wanted a free book, so I said "Sure!". When I took it, he then asked for $3. Prick. This works much better.

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