Watch An Early Xbox One Owner Set Up His Console

Even if it's a "small number" — we've heard 150 — you can see why Target sending out Xbox Ones early is such a screwup. Here are a series of videos showing the console as it is set up by a user, apparently in Texas, who also got an early delivery.

Yesterday, Stephen Totilo got a tweet from a father down in Texas saying his family had received the console and, like "Moonlight Swami" early Saturday morning, was banned from Xbox Live. We think this is the same guy. Whatever the case, he's uploaded a series of videos detailing the console's makeup, with his son walking you through the initial installation and setup, and showing it in action. It's an unfiltered look at the machine and highly educational.

Here's a nuts-and-bolts overview of the console, its utility ports, and how it's plugged in and powered on:

Here's the dashboard:

Now a detailed look at the controller and the headset:

Microsoft has confirmed that early console recipients "will be restricted from connecting to Xbox Live until closer to our launch date," though users who are restricted do receive a message they've been banned. The bannings are not thought to be permanent.

André Weingarten — "Moonlight Swami" — had his unboxing video yanked from YouTube on a copyright claim by Microsoft. He said on Saturday that Microsoft would lift that "copyright strike" as the Nov. 22 launch date draws near. My guess is the company now realises it's terrible PR to go sanctioning customers who received a product early because of a retailer's screwup. But if these videos also are pulled down, we'll know why.

Xbox One Set Up Videos from Guy [NeoGAF]

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    He runs it on the carpet!? EGADS!!!!

    He filmed it in fisheye!? EGADS!!!!

    He typed in his wireless network password on screen!? EGADS!!!!

    Last edited 11/11/13 11:21 am

      I love how he's (now?) hidden it with an annotation as though people won't just find the cross and close it. Just change your password!

      He should change his wireless network password, possibly to EGADS!!!!

        I like how he put an annotation over it in an attempt to prevent you from seeing it. Then later on he puts his password in again anyway.

        Also, I love his wifi network name: Rowdy Rebel. Such a southern redneck thang

    Glad they cottoned on to the fact that yanking the videos is a bad move. Everyone would be wanting to know what's so bad they want to hide it as much as possible?

    "Watch An Early Xbox One Owner Set Up His Console"?
    More like 'Watch some guy press the A button, select English, and share his wifi password'

    Microsoft have made it so not only in Soviet Russia... console sets up you!*

    *At least until the official release date.

    Last edited 11/11/13 6:18 pm

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