Watch The Designer Of Zelda Get Chased Around New York City

Some companies advertise their games through trailers and sizzle reels; Nintendo advertises their games by making ridiculous videos of their developers running around through New York City.

Via NintendoEverything, here's a video of Zelda designer Eiji Aonuma getting chased by Nintendo PR people through the streets of Manhattan, because why not?


    Why do people always jog when they are supposed to be running? I see this in nearly every non professional non big budget production. Is it too hard to film?

    Last edited 07/11/13 8:39 am

      you do know that over short distances humans can run really really fast right? That would look even worse on camera than somebody jogging. Notice how in big budget movies people would run at full speed and it takes them like 5 minutes to cover 100m? In real life it only takes the average person like 15 seconds or less to cover 100m at full speed. For something like the above, each and every scene would last like 1 second, maybe 2. Not exactly something that's watchable.

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