Watch The Entire Minecraft Documentary For Free, Right Here

Minecraft: The Story of Mojang — the 2012 documentary about the game, its creator and its impact on video gaming culture — is now free to watch in its entirety thanks to YouTube. You can watch it all here — but you'll need an hour and 45 minutes to do so.

The documentary is by 2 Player Productions and explores the phenomenon of the game through a number of different perspectives. Players, especially those who have made some of the mesmerising models and recreations within the game, figure prominently. Developers like Tim Schafer and Peter Molyneux also weigh in on Minecraft's importance. Writers, including our own Stephen Totilo, provide their thoughts as well. For a more detailed discussion of the film you can see Matt Hawkins' review from last December.

Minecraft has been a phenomenon, an unconditionally Great Game, for so long its accolades and landmark status might, for some, seem now like undeserved hype. Minecraft: The Story of Mojang is a solid argument why the game's praise is richly deserved and why it has such a devoted fanbase.


    It takes an hour and a half to basically say Notch was the first person to have the idea of copying lego in a video game, now he's rich ... the end?

    Relax, I'm trolling

      Was highly amused in the anticipation of the Notch fan club coming in and downvoting you to hell.

      Now I'll end up getting downvoted.

        I give Notch credit not for being brilliant, but definitely for being first. Like Star Wars, Minecraft isn't terribly original or brilliant, but it came at the right place and right time. Good on him.

        No man, to piss off the Notch fan club you say that minecraft ripped off Infiniminer !
        edit - I am now the one who receives downvotes. Also, relax people. Jokes.

        Last edited 12/11/13 3:06 pm

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