Watch Xbox One's 'Snap' Multitasking In Action

Not to be outdone by Sony's PS4 launch week extravaganza, Microsoft today released this video showing off how the Xbox One's sleek Snap feature will work.

That's how you'll multitask if you get yourself the newest Xbox, which launches on November 22. We'll have a full review (and much more coverage) for you next week.


    no voice support in NZ :( any word on when this will be released?

      I can barely understand what your typing let alone if you were speaking to me :P

        wen tha fark thees sheet cummin ta blardy neuw zeelind

          Sirusly bro, thits tirrible they wont be relising voice commands at launch for New Zilind bro.

          Seriously though, hope you get it soon. I don't even know if it'll be available for Aussies at launch.

            So will voice commands on BF4 work on launch?

              I dont think so, as far as I know DICE are still working on that

      The vowel illogicality breaks the CPU. They're looking for a work around, they've isolated it to people saying 'sind a fux' instead of 'send a fax'.

      Faxing is coming in the day one patch.

    That is pretty cool. So I can play the game get stuck somewhere and find a walkthrough while I'm still playing. I like to watch stuff or listen to podcasts on my comp while playing games so the snap tv isn't really necessary to me. My TV doesn't even have an antenna.

    Bu bu bu NeoGAF insiders said it was broken!!!

      NeoGAF also likes Coldplay and voted for the Nazis. You can't trust NeoGAF.

    @shithead I know. I'm being facetious.

    NeoGAF is in full blown MS hate mode right now and has been since February. The mods don't make it any better outside of a couple.

    Who is actually going to use this? Usually when I fire up a game I you know, want to play the game....

    All that processing power and RAM that could be used towards making the games run better, are wasted on this crap, especially when half the world outside of the US will no doubt get a half arsed version. Thanks MS for making me that little bit extra glad I went PS4 this next generation :)

      I was kinda thinking that. Some games already can't run at full possible resolution because the systems aren't up to it. How would they go multitasking.

        Early reviews have also shown that app failing to respond or connecting, slows the whole system down.. Not good :-/

    what i was more interested in was how poor Forza looked then :/

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