Watching These Old Wrestling Stars Play Xbox 360 Is Hilarious And Heartwarming

Scott Hall, perhaps better known round these parts as Razor Ramon, was a massive wrestling star back in the attitude era before succumbing to an alchohol and painkiller addiction that took him to a bad place. Jake 'The Snake' Roberts is another who went down a similar path. Recently they've both been making inroads to recovery with the help of another wrestler Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) who developed his own fitness/health plan called DDP Yoga.

It's a program that seems to have worked wonders for both Scott Hall and Jake Roberts, to the point where both are looking healthier than ever.

But what does that have to do with video games? Very little really, but the above video posted on Diamond Dallas Page's YouTube page features DDP, Razor Ramon and Jake Roberts all playing the latest WWE video game WWE 2K14 and it's pretty hilarious, loaded with in-jokes at each other's expense.

"I never liked ladders man," jokes Jake Roberts, who once suffered from a fairly debilitating crack addiction. "I don't get high anymore."

I'm not sure if this is some sort of paid advertisement, or just a fun video to promote DDP Yoga but, as a big fan of pro wrestling, it's actually quite heartwarming to see both of these guys in a really good place. Fun video.


    "Scott Hall, perhaps better known round these parts as Razor Ramon"

    No way, dude! Everyone knows him as Scott Hall from the NWO, we could barely even watch wrestling when he was THE BAD GUY in the WWF. (in Aus) Sad because Razor was probably one of my favourite characters ever; had such incredible potential. Could basically level the same sentiments towards Jake Roberts who was as close to a performance artist as a pro wrestler could ever get.

    Last edited 27/11/13 4:21 pm

      8 Ball Scott Hall! DDP!

      WCW of the mid-to-late 90's was king, and WCW vs NWO, and WCW vs NWO Revenge on N64 was the greatest game ever!

    Good to see Hall have a laugh or two he is getting better i hope.

    I highly recommend listening to Stone Cold Steve Austin's podcasts with Scott Hall, DDP.
    You get to hear all kinds of stories from the past and you also get to know what they are up to now.

      Dude, I am addicted to that podcast. Listen to it every week. Halfway through the Dusty Rhodes one now.

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