Welcome To The Next Generation, Everybody

Welcome To The Next Generation, Everybody

That's it. It's past midnight. The Xbox One is now on sale in North America, having gradually rolled out across Australasia and parts of Europe earlier in the day. With the PS4 being released last week and - depending on your definition of "generation" - the Wii U on shelves last year, the "next generation" is no more. What used to be the distant console future is suddenly the "current generation".

For a salute to the heroes of a generation passed on, check out our feature reminiscing about the best - and worst - parts of the Wii, PS3 and 360 era.

To see what we think of the newer machines, here are our reviews of the PS4, Xbox One and Wii U.

How's your spending/camping been thus far? I've only recently got a Wii U, and the PS4 isn't out yet in Australia, but I was out last night at midnight to get the Xbox One.

I'm now caught in that place between giddy excitement (at the NEW SHIT) and deep regret ("I just spent $550?!?!?!") that hits me most console launches.

Exciting times.


    This gen consists of PS4 and Xbox One. The WiiU really should be considered a last gen system

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      A generation is based on new systems, not specs. Like it or not, next gen started last year.

      Defining generations by system architecture differences might have made sense back in the transition from 8 to 16 to 32 bit, etc, but that hasn't been particularly relevant for two decades now.

      Look at this timeline and tell me there hasn't been a very clear temporal delineation between generations for at least the last three:

    Oh, you aren't one of those people that uses technical specifications instead of age/release as the definition of generation, are you?

    Does that work with people too?

    If we have two people, the same age, right next to each other, one is skinny and the other is brawny and oh so much more powerful, does that make the skinny one part of the last generation of people?

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      Yes, i beleive specs do define 'next generation'.
      If Sega decided to release a new console this year with power and capabilities only comparable to the Xbox360, people would not consider it a next gen system, and they would be torn apart by the games industry. Nintendo seems to get a free ride in mainstream games media..
      Dont mean to argue, just thought id clarify my opinion. But hey, *high five* for vidya games! :P

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        If Sega re released the Master System tomorrow, they'd win..

      I have an aunt who is younger than me. Consequently we are in the same social generation, but a different generation of the family.

      With regards to the wii U, you have to agree no matter how you define 'generation' its comprised of last generation components.

    Awww how cute, they put a Wii U in the photo.

    Anyone who thinks the WiiU is a last-generation machine clearly doesn't grasp the concept of the word "generation." And if we're going to get technical, so far all the games on Xbone & PS4 are current-gen games with prettier graphics. Play NintendoLand with a bunch of mates, and you'll very quickly realise there was nothing like this in the previous generation.
    In summary, "generation" is a standard of TIME, not graphical power.

      "Next gen" has become a buzzword of computing power now. But that is a double edged sword, as the new consoles in reality are just "catchup gen" because they are only as powerful as a budget-average gaming PC.

        Exactly. Lets not become mindless consumers repeating the nonsensical wank the marketing companies use.
        New game machines are out from all 3 parties and PC is better than ever! Lets all be happy and have a party.

    Cue Back in Black.

    Goodbye horrible fad of white everything! Seems like we're even heading back towards matte finishes too. Wonderful.

      Bring back the purple Game Cube I say!

        As far as im concerned it never left but mine is black too. Just matches my decor.... and my heart :/

          Your poor cynical black heart. Why cruel world, why? :)

    I think what we're all forgetting here is that the next generation hasn't fully started for us here in Australia until the fucking ps4 comes out.

    i was sick of my 360 years ago. Its not that it couldnt play games well or anything, i just like new stuff. 8 years was too long

    I like the Wii U. Nothing is wrong with the hardware. The controller is great, the pro controller is great, the system does what it is supposed to and is well priced now even in Aus.
    Heck, the new Mario that just came out looks insane. Smooth, HD, Colourful, full of variety - it puts most other full retail priced purchases to shame with content and quality. Then there is Wind Waker, Sonic Lost World, Bayeonetta 2 etc etc to further hit that point home.

    Lets just get off the Wii U bashing. It is boring like the PS vs XB wank comments and lets really get off the next gen or not nonsense. Who gives a flying F what the terminology of "next gen means" it is words that have no impact on your life or your enjoyment of a hobby FFS - IT IS MARKETING WORDS NOTHING IMPORTANT!

    Now here is a smiley face cause smiling is good :)

      Its funny because every time I look at the games on the Wii U I don't get annoyed by the graphical power but I always remember the controller and instantly feel my enthusiasm drop.

      I suffered through the original Wii in the same way, I would look at these awesome unique games and get really excited then I would go and play one at a friends house and get sad once I started waggling the stick.

        The Wii U pad is good. Could of been a tiny bit more comfortable yeah but it is nowhere near as annoying as the shoulder killer Wiimote.
        The Pro controller though is basically an Xbox 360 pad with symmetrical sticks and I like it a lot.

          I heard not all games support the pro pad though? I really want to play Zelda.

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