Welcome To The X-Men, Jubilee. You're Fired.

Welcome To The X-Men, Jubilee. You're Fired.

Now that Wolverine's been fired from the X-Men, there's no real reason to keep his stupid fireworks-making, stuck-in-the-1990s, mall-babe-eating-chilli-fries sidekick on the payroll. We've been waiting for this one, Jubilee.

In current Marvel comics continuity, Jubilee has become the mother of a rescued infant, the latest in a long line of attempts to give the character some sort of relevance. In the grand tradition of Marvel's mutant books, we've already met the time-displaced grown-up version of the child, not four months after the baby was introduced. X-Men babies (Nathan Summers, Hope Summers) grow up so fast.

Certainly the X-Men can afford a day care service. Goodbye, Jubilee.

Now that we've gotten rid of Jubes (great nickname, not reminiscent of anything), Wolverine, Angel and Gambit, that just leaves Dazzler, agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. We're waiting, Pete Holmes.

UPDATE: Oh that's right, I forgot she's a vampire now. That makes it all better (no it doesn't).


    That was...actually pretty unfunny. The first couple were great, in part because the characters were defending themselves. This one is mostly just Xavier making silly noises.

    Hopefully the next one is better. It'd suck for such an early burnout.

      I think the joke has pretty much run its course at this point. The first couple were amusing enough, but I can't see much value in rolling out more or less the same jokes over and over.

      And this is Jubilee, there is so much material there for mocking her with.

      Definitely agree here. The first couple had clever takes on why particular X-Men and their powers are actually pretty useless, whereas Angel/Archangel was a couple of minutes of 'you have wings, so you're a bird!', and Jubilee wasn't much better. I still think that there's still gold to be mined here, but they're certainly missing a lot of prime opportunities.

    To anyone who actually knows Jubilee and read the comics would find this video really stupid.

    Jubilee before House of M had the potential to be one of the most powerful mutants because she had the ability to create isolated explosions at any location and absorb her plasmoids without harm.

    Then again I bet these are the same people who probably only know comics from Big Bang Theory and think Aquaman is lame.

    It's ok... if you've been keeping up w/ the comics Jubilee has been updated for todays discerning fans

    No longer is she the fireworks throwing mall rat. She's been upgraded to teen emo vampire!
    (And I wish i was kidding about that last part... but its unfortunately true...)

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