Blizzard’s Working On Making Original Warcraft Games ‘Compatible With Modern PCs’

Blizzard’s Working On Making Original Warcraft Games ‘Compatible With Modern PCs’

“We’re fans of Warcraft 1, Warcraft 2, Warcraft 3, and we’d love to replay those games for sure.” J. Allen Brack of Blizzard, talking about making the first three Warcraft games compatible with modern PCs. “We actually have [several guys] who are working on a side project to do something like that.”

[via Polygon]


    • I think he means compatible with their wallets, I’m sure they don’t generate any income from people that install WC3 today

    • In the actual interview he kinda just threw ‘Warcraft 3’ on the end. I’m pretty sure he was just referring to 1 and 2, as WC3 and its expansions has been available on the Blizzard store for a while.

    • maybe they want to integrate it with modern battle net. Who knows we might get a pro warcraft 1 league or something? 😀

  • Been playing Warcraft 2 recently, and I bought the WC3 Battlechest.
    Wouldn’t mind going back to revisit WC1, despite how terribly dated it is.

  • During the Starcraft II panel they showed some Warcraft 3 models they were updating for the map editor (so people can use them in their arcade maps/games) which were actually pretty awesome (and I still don’t mind WC3 as it is).

    My guess would be their actually re-doing a lot more then just the few models they showed off and that’s how they plan to ‘update’ the old games. Hopefully they’ll release them as an arcade thing in Starcraft II but that’s probably asking too much…. Full price HD remastered versions then?

  • “Several guys on a side project” sounds more like an HD remake, to me. Some added content and probably allotted together as an entire package. Expansions included.

    If this is the case, count me right the eff in.

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