What The Inside Of An Xbox One Looks Like

What The Inside of An Xbox One Looks Like

You've seen what the Xbox One looks like on the outside. But that big black box holds stuff on the inside too, y'know.

And thanks to the iFixit folks,we can get a glimpse of innards of an Xbox One — pictured above. Neat, eh?

Interestingly, the outside of the console contains no screws. Thankfully, it seems you can pull the grills on the side of the console out, and after freeing some clips, you'll be able to get inside an Xbox One just fine:

What The Inside of An Xbox One Looks Like

You can find more pictures of the teardown here, along with descriptions of what some of the pieces that make up an Xbox One actually are. For now, it's worth noting that the console features a 2.5 inch SATA II drive — while replacing that means voiding the warranty, there's no telling if the Xbox One will even recognise replacement drives. Additionally, the One has a "beefy cooling system," according to iFixit, which should assuage fears of potential problems like the Red Ring of Death.


    Ummm, where do I park my car?

      You have to ask???? There's a fuckton of space in there!

        Go and look at the actual review - theres not really a fuckton of space... But itll be the difference between a normal car and a new BMW... My guess is the PS4's insides will look like a BMW's engine - shit stacked on top of each other and very difficult to get to. The Xbone looks very easy to access and repair. Even swapping out the harddrive looks like a half hour job which aint too bad

          You can't swap XBox One Hard Drive. Do your research. However you can on the PS4. PS4 has a much better iFixit score as well.

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            Haha really?! They both scored 8/10 - Clap clap for your research....

            And on the hard drive note... You may want to head back to the article and read step 14:

            "Unfortunately, the Xbox One doesn't officially feature a replaceable hard drive—but then, we're not much for playing by the rules. Out it comes.

            Bad news: replacing the hard drive requires voiding the warranty. Good news: it's a standard 2.5 inch SATA II drive. Unknown news: we're not sure if the Xbox One will recognize unformatted SATA hard drives."

            It isnt easy but its like opening up your PC and replacing a hard drive... Just because it voids your warranty doesnt mean you cant do it for whatever reason(corrupted drive, more space etc)

            You my friend are what we on the internet call an idiot - Research before mouthing off next time and do a little course on basic electronics or something

              little hurt. I see.

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    Hmmm the whole not being able to change the hard drive thing is defs gonna cause some issues i'd imagine :/, with those hefty installs and all. No doubt they'll either release a new console with the ability to easily change it or some extra attachment or something that'll cost $$$

      Doesn't it support external storage? I thought I read that somewhere.

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        Have they actually confirmed ext drive support? Early reports have suggested its not there and you can't even find a memory mgmt screen.

        It would be good but I don't hold out hope the 360 only supports 32gb ext storage

          I think @dogman covered it. It's not there at launch but it's planned to be there in the future. Not sure why they did it that way but whatever works for them. In the long run I'd rather have expandable external storage options than an internal drive upgrade.

            Either they weren't ready, which seems to be the go to assumption, or perhaps they didn't want the USB ports to do too much on a fresh out the box XBOX One. I doubt it'd stand up to much, but they've got to be a little paranoid about a console that can potentially play games without discs.

        Apparently it doesn't support it at launch. A bit odd seeing as the XBOX 360 ended up being pretty good at it.

        I just jammed a memory stick (FAT32 I believe) in the side of it and got nothing. Although the fact it has 3 USB 3.0 ports on it says external hard drive support is on the way.

          Without doubt - The one on the side is the only USB pertaining to controller charging imo - The two on the back would suggest ext HDD and other peripheral support will be made available

    It's weird the difference in approach between Sony an MS. The xbone doesn't look to have been designed so much put together in a custom case. In many respects that a good thing - if I were to tear it open, I'd know what shit is. On the down side, they've had to incorporate a massive fan and an external power brick.

      I'm guessing they don't want a repeat of the RROD, so they are trying to keep it as cool as possible.

        They had RROD on X360, that also has an external power brick.Lots of space and ventilation is the easy way out, in terms of engineering design OR lack there of.

        The design screams "I made this in a hurry, but don't worry we made sure it won't overheat"

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          It makes a whole lot more sense when you put it on top of your HiFi or set top box. Plus it's pretty quiet, especially compared to the XBOX 360. I think they went with the huge shape for overkill on technical reasons and built a solid device, but there seems to also be an element of not wanting it to look like a toy.
          Their line of thinking appears to be that gamers don't particularly care what the console looks like as long as it plays games, but in order to sell this to people who are after a media center/smart TV type setup they need to bring the console more inline with those products. I'd say there's a certain logic to it but I don't think that's going to cause problems.

      I've never had a huge issue with the power bricks, but the cable on this one is pretty short. Annoys me that they don't put a standard jug plug on the brick. Then I could just DIY myself up a custom length cable.

    It's just so 6/12 month down the track the slim looks appealing as it'll be half the size.

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