What Are You Playing This Weekend?

At this moment in time, I'm trudging through Pikmin. I say 'trudging' because I'm the absolute worst. I am constantly restarting days in this video game because I've become obsessed with trying to be as efficient as humanly possible. I think it's just a throwback from the first game, which had a time limit.

But I'm loving the game so far. I've put about six hours into the main campaign. Hopefully I'll be able to convince my wife to get back into it and play some co-op.

I'm also hoping to get back into Wind Waker HD. I stopped playing to focus on Pikmin 3 for a while, but I fully intend to go back to it because it's so goddamn gorgeous.

What are you all playing this weekend?



    Also Path of Exile and maybe some Rock Band if @Batguy shows up to board games with his instruments. Finding space for that in this apartment will be a challenge.

      I played board games last weekend. It was surprisingly good - Ikusa (AKA Shogun) - even though we got one of the rules MAJORLY wrong :-P

    This weekend I will be mainly partying...in my new GTA Apartment :)

    Splitting time between BF4 on PC and WWE 2K14 on PS3...I might throw in some NBA 2K14

    Probably nothing! Going to Supanova on Sunday, though.

    Batman Arkham Origins Blackgate (on 3DS) is expected to arrive in the mail today so I might spend some time with that

      Didn't arrive. So this weekend I will go outside instead.

      Dressed as Batman.

    Bioshock infinite as a primary game I think.
    Probably see if I can knock over my 100% run of Mark of the ninja. Maybe a little sang-froid as well

    Started Skyrim last night, so that.

      You will be answering "Skyrim" for quite a few of these articles then.

    Call Of Duty: Ghosts, I know I said I wouldn't get it, but I was in the shops on Tuesday and I had $80 burning a hole in my pocket, saw it for 69 bucks and went screw it I'll buy it. Only got 5 missions to go to finish the campaign on Veteran, then I'll play a bit of the Extinction mode to knock out the remaining achievements before I trade it in for Lego Marvel.

    Also, continuing with Batman: Arkham Origins, and some Battlefield 4 and GTA: Online, if I can fit it in.

    Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess for me.

    Man, this game is awesome!

      Continue on my friend. Wii or Gamecube?

        Wii. I just rescued Colin from those moblin dudes.

        I'm soooo looking forward to getting a Wii U next year.

          Getting one at Christmas. Wind Waker HD as a hold off until the next big Zelda in 2014/2015 hopefully.
          TP was actually the first big game I played ever. It made my perception of games change forever. The nostalgia....and I'm only 16!

            The ironic was that I really hated Twilight Princess when I played it the first time. I felt like I had to force myself to play it. But because it was over 15 years since I last touched a Zelda game (OOT when I was 17), I forget entirely what the game was like.

            But since I remember all that now, I re-bought Twilight Princess and now I love every moment of it. LOZ truly is amazing.

              I agree whole-heartily. The first Zelda is always the best personally because it opens your eyes to the series. I'm playing OoT now and although I do love it, it just doesn't have the wonder the TP had for me. Have a good weekend ;)

    I have revisited Super Mario Galaxy. 33 stars in so far and absolutely loving it. Realise I must have originally played it very drunk because I don't remember a whole lot of it, so it's like playing a brand new game. :p

    So I plan to push on with that.

    Also, for some unknown reason, I am tempted to buy CoD: Ghosts. Haven't played a CoD game in years. Why am I tempted? Weird.

    Oh, and the constant nag of Tiny Death Star will no doubt get some begrudging love as well. Really must delete that bloody tower. Either that or double my efforts.

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      Share your sentiments for both Tiny Death Star and CoD.
      I don't know why this CoD is actually calling me to buy it. Last CoD I played was Black Ops 1.

      Tiny Death Star, i downloaded that a month ago in London to play when im stuck on train systems with no internet in Europe. I either have to delete it now or deal with my addiction to it.

    GTAV mainly. This is the first GTA game that I actually feel compelled to undertake the story missions. Running around killing and blowing things up just isnt fun anymore.

    I finished Ghosts... so I guess I'll be playing Arkham Origins this weekend.

    If I get time around work, uni and the Christmas pagaent.

    More Dark Souls. Defeated the Iron Golem last night. Can't wait to see what comes next.

    I'll be playing Wind Waker HD in the middle of laying floorboards and watching the A-League/Premier League.

    Mark, are you watching UFC Fight Night this weekend? Hendo v Belfort should be a cracker.

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      Sounds just like my weekend! Well apart from the laying of floorboards that is

        I need to do as many household tasks as possible before the next gen consoles drop and I disappear off the face of the planet lol.

    Many BF4 sessions broken up with finishing off GTAV.

    Will finish Beyond: two souls, while i can see why its not liked by most, i am enjoying the story. Might also play a bit more gta v and get the rest of the sp trophies I am missing.

    I'm going to be breeding and EV training my Battle maison team in Pokemon Y. Might throw in some Dark Souls as well since I haven't done anything on it in the last few weeks. Probably have forgotten everything I had done so far

    I'm playing the stay-awake-all-weekend-watching-the-live-BlizzCon-stream game

    I haven't played anything all week, so maybe I'll pick up Dead Rising 2 again, maybe I will start something new. Maybe I will try GTA Online now that the stimulus package has dropped and I assume most of the jerk players have moved on to BF4 and Dog Ghosts. Kind of got an itch to play XCom: Enemy Unknown again before I get the Enemy Within DLC, too.

    On the other hand my wife has seen two spiders this week, so I will probably just have to burn the apartment down.

      I am three quarters through Dead Rising 2, progressively go back to it and beat down a few maniacs. Despite it's obvious flaws (I hate the save system. I see the point, but I hate it, and, firearm combat is poor) it is damn fun

    Finish the Enigma stuff in Arkham origins.
    BF4 pc and finish GTA V campaign.

    Still waiting for "The Last One" mission to unlock in GTA V - then I'm done. Then it's a lottery to what I play next.

    gta 5, the wolf among us, the last of us (MP) and maybe start another run thru of SP

    besides that there is always the pile of shame sitting there mocking me!!!

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