​What Happens When The Joker Finally Pushes Batman Too Far

 What Happens When The Joker Finally Pushes Batman Too Far

Batman's deadly, never-ending tango with the Joker is the series' most iconic, defining conflict. So what happens when the Joker finally pushes his nemesis too far? What happens when Batman decides to end it?

That's the question at the heart of "The Deal," an incredible, incredibly dark fan comic by writer Gerado Preciado and artist Daniel Bayliss. Loaded with equal parts disturbing violence and spiraling philosophical musing, it begins with a great tragedy and ends with a greater one.

It contains pages like this:

 What Happens When The Joker Finally Pushes Batman Too Far

And this:

 What Happens When The Joker Finally Pushes Batman Too Far

Go check it out.

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    "What happens when Joker pushes Batman too far" Earth-51 Batman happens thats what.

    I thought this is what happened http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W0mHUlxWq7g

    Also, I don't get it. People are saying the Joker snaps his own neck. But when I look at it I see Batman breaking his neck and hallucinating the Joker laughing at him.

      Maybe there's something that makes it more clear in the comic or it played out differently because I was sure he snapped his own neck even though that really seems like Batman did it.

        Yes In the comic Joker snapped his own neck killing himself to frame Batman. However Batman had also broken his neck during the fight but it didnt kill him

        Last edited 12/11/13 8:29 pm

          If the whole plan was to frame him by killing himself, the Joker would have done it years ago.

          I prefer it the way I saw it. Bruce finally loses control and he imagines the Joker still alive and taunting him about it. Then when he "breaks his own neck", that's just Bruce slowly coming back to reality.
          Also supported by the fact that a minute later when the Joker's body is on fire, Bruce looks at him and says, "Stop laughing", showing that he's still detached from the reality of what he had just done or trying not to believe how much he messed up after all these years.

      Batman starts it by twisting his neck around and injuring him. But beginning at 2:53 you can clearly see the Joker finishing it off as he turns his head to the left. There's the cracking sound and everything.

        Yeah, and that's just friggin stupid. That's why I saw it as Batman going crazy and everything slowly sinking in.

    Im going with 'The Nail'


    Doesnt the joker in the last pic like the kid from MAD magazine?

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