What If Watch Dogs Actually... Watched Dogs?

What if Watch Dogs was actually a dog watching simulator? What if, instead of engaging in acts of domestic digital terrorism, you totally just looked at dogs all day? What would that game look like?

This is the important question this genius photoshop attempts to answer.

I love this thing. Every time I look at it I find a new detail.

One of the dogs is called 'Avon Barksdale'. Brilliant.

It was created by Adam Mathew, the Editor of the Australian Official PlayStation Magazine, who you can follow on Twitter here. In the lead up to the release of the PlayStation 4, OPS has had a bit of a redesign, and it's well worth checking out.


    Does Adam still have his manly beard? I met him a few years ago at KZ2 special event through Gameplayer...Cool guy.

    Is that based on a screenshot? Looks gorgeous.

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    I oddly see potential in this. A sim in the essence of Watchdogs on canine training with all the usual daily obstacles, pets and their owners face.
    -Steam achievement for picking up a jogger chick with your dog at the park.

    sorry - had to: http://www.chucklebot.com/meme-generator/yo-dawg-heard-you

    It would be my game of the next generation. Seriously.

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