Which Game Has Overtaken Street Fighter II As Capcom’s Best Ever Seller?

Which Game Has Overtaken Street Fighter II As Capcom’s Best Ever Seller?

Capcom can confidently lay claim to some of gaming’s most treasured properties — Ace Attorney, Devil May Cry and Mega Man, just to name a few. Then, of course, there’s Street Fighter, perhaps the most well-known of the bunch. Until recently, Street Fighter II held the top spot among Capcom’s games for most units sold, but it’s now shifted to second place, courtesy of a comparatively young upstart.

And that upstart is… Resident Evil 5.

As of the end of September, with 6.5 million units sold, it’s pipped Street Fighter II by a measly 200,000 copies and that gap is only going to increase, given that Resi 5 will enjoy continued shelf exposure for many years to come, both online and off.

While Resident Evil 4 may have been the most controversial of the series’ instalments, it was number five that really polarised players by adding co-operative gameplay to a genre that lived and breathed on scary alone-time. Yet, somehow, Capcom pulled it off and it’s been reaping the rewards for half a decade.

The Resident Evil series also appears to be Capcom’s best-selling franchise, with a combined tally of 60 million games sold. The next closest is — surprise! — Street Fighter at 35 million, with Monster Hunter’s 27 million putting it in third place.

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