Which Is Faster: A Japanese Woman Or A Komodo Dragon?

Which Is Faster: a Japanese Woman or a Komodo Dragon?

Adventurer and Japanese celebrity Ayako Imoto raced a Komodo Dragon. And by "raced" I mean she ran for her life.

And she did so with a slab of meat tied around her waist. Oh, and wearing a kimono. Ever try running while wearing a kimono? It's not easy. Try it while a large lizard carnivore is chasing you!

This isn't even Imoto's first time she's raced (err, ran from) a Komodo Dragon. A few years earlier, she pulled the same stunt, but she was wearing her typical schoolgirl garb — which, no doubt, is easier to run in.

For her wildlife segment on Japanese television, Imoto often travels around the globe to various locales, doing things like wrestling alligators, handling deadly predators, and racing cheetahs. She's also appeared in Nintendo commercials.

芸者イモト VS コモドドラゴン 50m走で対決! [栄一 江村]


    Ever try running while wearing a kimono? It’s not easy.

      Bashcraft Crossdressing confirmed?

        Kimono's are not only for women. ;o

          Yeah but I thought mainly the women wear them nowadays.

          Last edited 20/11/13 3:55 am

    Everything I know about how dangerous they are comes from Far Cry 3... RUN LADY RUN!

      First thing I thought, if there is one thing I know about these animals is that they sneak up on you out of nowhere and scare the crap out of you.

    That lady has some eyebrows that are going on their own adventure

      It's kind of her shtick. She dresses up as a junior high kid with massive eyebrows who friggin loves animals. It's like her stage persona.

    I can't stop marvelling at those magnificent eyebrows.

    That music from the 0:58 second mark... isn't that from Evangelion: Death and Rebirth?

      It is from Evangelion, can't remember exactly where it's from, but the song's called Tamashii no Refrain...
      Kinda random seeing it used here..

    why post something that almost 4 - 5 yrs old ?

      Becuase it was on Reddit yesterday, and that's where Brian sources the majority of his articles.

    Came for the dragon. Stayed for pictures of Becky in the top left corner.

    <3 Becky and her giant crazy eyes.

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